2016 Roots Camp “China Roots Camp” is a summer camp jointly organized by the the provincial associations (autonomous regions and municipalities) and the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office by the National Overseas Chinese Affairs Office. Its purpo... read more

Hangzhou E-Business Training Camp The remarkable G20 summit will be held in Hangzhou, Hangzhou. The State Council approved the establishment of the nation’s first “e-commerce comprehensive experimental zone” and “Internet +” for the e-commerce platform. T... read more

 China Roots-Seeking Trip – Heilongjiang Heilongjiang Camp: Main activities for the Roots-Seeking Trip to Heilongjiang include: opening and closing of the camp, learning the basics of Chinese language, folk dances, martial arts and Chinese paper-cutting. ... read more

Roots-Seeking Summer Camp Schedule (2015) According to the parents’ request, listed below are the Camp event calendars for the Roots-Seeking Trip this year in July. These calendars will allow everyone to have a clear concept of the annual program of activ... read more