Organized by the China State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office and hosted by the Canadian Federation of Chinese Associations, a famous lecture on “Chinese Culture” in Toronto was held at the multi-purpose hall on July 29 2014.  Nearly 600 people attended the lecture. Ages ranged from the teens to 90 years. We felt the seminar exuded a warm atmosphere and was bathed in the Chinese culture and the good health of profound Chinese traditions. The Chinese Consulate in Toronto, the General Consul Xiaoguang, Director of the Overseas Chinese Affairs State Secretary Tian Li and Executive Chairman of the Federation of Association Yang Baofeng gave speeches to introduce the various aspects of this lecture.

There were two guest speakers on stage: Chinese heavyweights Yeung Kam-sang and Cheng Kai. Their articulation of speech mobilized the audience’s attention and enthusiasm.

Yeung Kam-Sang is a researcher and a doctoral instructor at the China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He is the Secretary-General of the Chinese Acupuncture Society, the Treasurer of the WFAS and received a postdoctoral Fellowship at the National Medical Master of Xinnong. He has also given culture and health lectures on CCTV International. Yeung Kam-Sang gave a lecture entitled “Chinese culture and good health,” in which he explained the concept of Chinese medicine culture, the concept of Yin and Yang and the three-by system. Then he spoke on the health/diseases, elaborated on disease prevention and how health is particularly important. He emphasized harmony with nature, nourishment of the heart, moderate exercise, positivity and paying attention to the physical aspects of acupuncture. He spoke about health care, the public policy regarding health care and the treatment of cervical “Eight-Step Control.”

Cheng Kai is a professor at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Vice President of the Chinese Acupuncture Society of Professional Committee, CCTV’s “health trainer,” Beijing TV ‘s “Yangshengtang” and an expert on “healthy living” and other programs. He belongs to the fourth generation of successors of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. He possesses a Master’s of Traditional Chinese Medicine and is the grandson of Cheng Kai or “Cheng Acupuncturist.” Cheng Kai speaks about acupuncture in health treatment, in particular: key points of the treatment in method. He told the audience how to follow the process in order to copy and master the self-health tips.

Those who had the opportunity to listen to this lecture scrambled to seize the opportunity. The audience were eager to raise questions during the lecture and at interactive points throughout. The lecture ran from 19:00 and continued until 20:00. Afterwards, two experts were available to answer all questions from the audience. This event was held in order to improve the understanding of Chinese culture and Chinese medical practices. The majority of the attention and the support was provided by the Toronto Chinese who booked 600 tickets a week.  The warm atmosphere of the scene left a deep impression on the speakers and the patrons. The speakers received endless praise and were asked by countless numbers to provide a lecture in following opportunities. The Federation of Chinese Associations would like to give thanks to the support of the Financial group, Bank of China, Ms. Meng Li Jun, the consultative office, the dozens of volunteers who offered their time and the participation of the audience.

Lecture photos:
Lecture Photo Content

Front row from left: Jiangxi Association president Lai Dehua, Consular Xiaoguang, President of the Association of Chinese Medicine Practitioners Chen Zhiqing, President of the Association of Hebei Ho Jun, Speaker Yeung Kam-sang, Speaker Cheng Kai, the Country Director of Overseas Chinese Affairs Tian Li, Ma Hui: President of the Association of Heilongjiang, Hubei Association Chairman Yang Shen, Liaoning Association President Li Dong.

Back row from left: Anhui Association President Yu Ying, President of the Beijing Association Tianjin Dong Min, Executive Chairman Yang Baofeng of the Friendship Association, Fujian Association President Wang Qingguan and fellow Beijing Association Secretary-General Han Zhiwei.

Thank you to Canada News who transcribed the entire lecture content into video so that others can watch at home and abroad:

Professor Yeung Kam-sang :

Professor Cheng Kai:


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