The 2014 New Year’s bell will soon ring. The Canadian Federation of Chinese Associations would like to extend our greetings to the Chinese Canadians who emigrated from China! I wish my fellow citizens a Happy New Year! I wish the  Federation of Chinese Associations to belong to the New Year Sun. At the same time, we would like to thank all those who give us support and the help of all our friends this past year!

Since its inception is June 2011, the Federation of Chinese Canadian Association has been formed from more than 20 Chinese provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities. Our Association focuses our efforts to contact/communicate with Chinese citizens, promote exchanges between the various parties within the Association and strengthen solidarity and cooperation in the Chinese community. We want to unite forces among the Chinese in Canada, to safeguard the interests of the Chinese in Canada and to enhance the image of the Chinese. We want to provide more services, assist newcomer integration into Canadian society and promote exchanges between Canada and China’s science and technology, culture, trade and other aspects of talent. Under the joint efforts of numerous Associations, we have successfully held a number of of activities to demonstrate our integrity and influence.

With the advent of the New Year, the Federation will usher in the Third Spring Festival in order to celebrate the New Year with Chinese citizens.  We will host the third annual Spring Festival on January 25 “Celebrate Chinese New Year Together Toronto .” This will take place at the Chinese New Year temple, located at 5183 Sheppard Avenue East in the Chinese cultural Centre of Greater Toronto. The event will run until 18:00 and we open our door to visitors at 10:00. We foresee a lot of visitors in attendance.

The 2014 Chinese New Year Temple Fair will draw on the experiences of the previous two years. We believe the Chinese temple will vividly exemplify Chinese culture. The event will consist of theatrical performances throughout the day (dozens of performance groups), specialty foods and snacks , artwork, crafts, daily necessities, a hundred booths/vendors, riddles, prizes, recreational areas and activities. All these components will add a strong festive atmosphere. The folk culture and art exhibition will reflect the cultural characteristics of the temple. Raffle and auction activities will also add to the liveliness.

Recalling the past, looking to the future. The Association Federation will continue to fulfill our mission: to continue our efforts to do more practical things for the Canadian Chinese. Let us unite our associations and work together for our cultural construction in Canada.

Canadian Federation of Chinese Association
December 30, 2013
“Celebrate Chinese New Year Toronto Together” 2014 Chinese New Year Temple Fair Registration and contact details
Program co-ordination: Yang Shen, Email:
Booth registration: Yu Ying, Email:
Head of advertising: He Jun,
Auctioneers/Sponsors: CHEN Xian, Email:
Sponsorship funds, gifts, prize sponsor, volunteer registration: Han Zhiwei, Telephone: 4162785988 (evenings, weekends)

Contact and Registration Email:


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