For the “Celebrate Chinese New Year Together Toronto” 2016 Festival, the Canadian Federation of the Chinese Association will host a “Focus Toronto” photography contest. On February 7, 2015 at the Annual Meeting of the New Year, we will host a grand ceremony to appreciate these photographs. At that time, the Association will reward medals and souvenirs to the winners of the photography contest.

Canada is a world-renowned beautiful country but Toronto is where the soul of this beautiful country lies. Surrounding Toronto is the world-famous Niagara Falls. We also bear witness to the beautiful red maple leaf and the sparkling splendour of Lake Ontario. All these places provide an inexhaustible source of creative inspiration for photographers.

Photography entry requirements: you need to shoot Toronto. Nature, character sketches, urban construction, customs, individual or group photos can be submitted. Each person can submit no more than 10 works. A host of groups cannot submit more than four photos. An individual cannot submit more than three groups of works. Mail is protected by copyright after submission. Prizes include: a gold medal, three silver medals, five bronze medals and an outstanding number of awards (depending on the number of entries). Winners will be announced on February 7 by the Canadian Federation of the Chinese Association during the annual New Year festival. We expect six thousand people to visit the site, which offers a lot of exposure. Deadline for the photography competition is January 20, 2015. Participants are required to pay 10 yuan for their entry fee. Payment registration to be completed after notification.

Winning photography will receive publicity for non-commercial purposes and the right to use the exhibition. The jury for the photography competition will be chaired by the “Atlantic Photographers” President Cong and company. Please direct inquiries for this photography contest here. Tel: 416-880-9675. Entries can be emailed to or Friendship Association @

We welcome all who love Toronto, are obsessed with the art of photography and are interested in public imagery to generously fund these operations to ensure the smooth operation of this photography competition.

First (the naming rights): For you who fund $2000 (or equivalent in material) or more, this competition will be preceded by your name i.e. “XXX” Cup or “XXX” photography contest.

Second: For you who fund $ 1,000 (or equivalent in material), you will be identified as a co-organizer of this competition.

Third: the Diamond/Platinum Sponsor

1) You who finance 800 CAD (or equivalent in material) will receive the Diamond sponsor name.

2) You who finance 500 CAD (or equivalent material) will receive a Platinum sponsor name.

The tournament committee will report regularly to the local Chinese media about the progress of the contest and sponsors to promote your business. Meanwhile, the website for the Canadian Federation of Chinese Association will also publish sponsorship and advertise your business.


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