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Dear fellow citizens and friends,
With the 2016 New Year approaching, the Canadian Federation of Chinese Associations would like to wish all overseas Chinese, students, business personnel living in Canada and folks from different parts of the world a Happy New Year! Best wishes in all your endeavours!

The Friendship Association is composed of 26 provinces and municipalities. Our aim is to unite our strengths and services to safeguard the interests of the Chinese in Canada, to improve the representation of the Chinese and to promote exchange with Canada so that more Chinese are integrated into their local community and live in peaceful harmony. In the past year, members of the Friendship Association put their efforts together to successfully host the Annual New Year Meeting, the Roots-Seeking Summer Camp, our first Volleyball Tournament, summer outing events and a series of other initiatives. You can become an important part of the Chinese Canadian community by being involved in our various activities to strengthen the unity within the Friendship Association and expand our influence in our communities.

The annual “Celebrate Chinese New Year Together Toronto” sponsored by Fortune Life Spring will be organized in order to gather together to celebrate the New Year. It will be held January 30, 2016 located at 105 Gibson Drive, Markham, L3R 3K7.
We anticipate tens of thousands of patrons as this event is one of the largest indoor events celebrating Chinese New Year in Toronto. It is scheduled for 11:00am-6:00pm. The venue is a performance hall and will showcase dozens of excellent performances, interludes/messages, raffles and auctions. This hall has the space for approximately one hundred dozens of stalls hosting all kinds of snacks, a dazzling array of products and business promotions. There will also be a children’s play area with prizes, entertainment and a puzzles gallery. The art on display reflects our culture and the rise of China in recent years; we will exhibit folk art, calligraphy couplets and media/visual entertainment. We will also host a “whipped egg” poker contest and screen live performances. The entire event, full of lively performances and engaging activities will last seven hours and enable visitors to share in the joy of the Spring Festival.

The annual meeting of the preparatory work has been seen to. Volunteer recruitment, booth selling and advertising sponsors are in the process of selection. Theatrical auditions will take place on January 16, the specific time and place yet to be announced. “New World Luxury” with Friendship Association will host a friendly bridge match on January 24 in the auditorium of Canada Star. The Wealth of Life Management Limited is going to be the title sponsor for this event for the second time and we express our gratitude! We hope that more businesses would be willing to provide sponsorship and various forms of support. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

The New Year’s bell will soon ring. To those individuals, groups, institutions and organizations who have extended assistance to us over the past year, the Friendship Association would like to express a heartfelt thanks! We will strive to be better and give more in the New Year. We strive to better serve the community and to focus on practical solutions to pressing issues among the Chinese in Canada. We seek the interests of Chinese students, contributions to Canada’s prosperity and the development of friendship and cooperation between the Canada and China. We want to improve the well-being of overseas Chinese students and make our contribution to the country.

Canadian Federation of Chinese Association
December 28, 2015
2016 “Celebrate the Chinese New Year Together Toronto”
Wealth of Life

New Year Preparatory Work Contact Personnel:
Funding for Sponsorship: Yu Ying (416) 917-7688,
Theatrical performances: Yang Shen (johnson6760@hotmail.com) Yang Baofeng (416) 727-9990
Prizes, gifts, auction sponsor: Tang Jia: (647) 975-9136
Booth Application: Wendy Lang (416)882-3322, Pang a work (647) 292-1758 (booth2016@hotmail.com)
Art and Culture Exhibition: Zhang Shi Yun (416)318-5857
Volunteer Registration: He Liping (647)309-4899
Contact: He Liping, Tang Jia, Yang Ying Gang (416) 616-5888, (416)278-5988 Han Zhiwei
Friendship Association Email: tongxiangcc@gmail.com
Friendship Association website: www.conco.ca

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