2016-01-03 Canadian Federation of Chinese Association

Hosted by the Canadian Federation of Chinese Associations, we will hold the Annual Meeting for the celebration of Chinese New Year on January 30th at 2016 at Gibson Drive in Markham. Yanchu theatre is an important part of the Annual Meeting as we want performances to highlight traditional Chinese culture.  Auditions are scheduled for 13:00-16:00 on January 16 at Splendid China. Contact Shen Jia as you must register in advance in order to audition. Please bring your songs/sheet music for musical accompaniment. We welcome literary professionals and art lovers to also participate. You can register with your Association or directly contact the annual literary group.  Theatrical performances and messages will be listed in our program.

Audition time: January 16 2016 13:00-18:00 at Splendid China Hall

Registration Contact:     Yang Shen: johnson6760@gmail.com

                                           Yang Baofeng: 416-727-9990

Bin Liu

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