Sponsored by the Canadian Federation of Chinese Association, Guangxi Association will host the “Great Falls Song and Dance Festival” (a celebration of Chinese Traditional Culture) at Niagara Falls. This event will take place in the Great Falls Oakes Garden Theatre on Queen Victoria Park. Organizers foresee, with the spectacle of the Niagara Falls, a visual and auditory success.


March 3 is a festive celebration for many Chinese ethnic groups called “China Guangxi.” In 2014, Zhuangzu and Guangxi Zhuang National Cultures joined in dance and song on the international stage. On July 3, during the Canada Day long weekend, friends and relatives will ride the school bus to Niagara Falls to spend a day experiencing the majesty of the Falls, enjoying the idyllic lakeside town and reveling in the richness of Chinese cultural performances. Chinese song and dance performances of all ethnic groups and cultural traditions will add new vibrancy to the Falls and spread recognition of its Organization to Canada, once more emphasizing that “what belong to each nation belongs to the world.”


When the plans for this festival were submitted, we received an enormous amount of support from Canada’s three levels of government along with the Chinese Embassy in Toronto and all our Chinese provincial associations. Overseas Chinese can submerse themselves in authentic Chinese traditional culture that honours ethnicity and multi-performance in an orderly fashion. The event cabaret will notify each association; performances are featured from each team. In addition to exhibiting Chinese traditional culture and performances outdoors, we will provide a variety of craft fairs.

This event has a school bus pick-up area at several major destinations: $10 for a return trip to stay on Niagara-on-the-Lake for the show and tourist attractions. For event registration, please register with the responsible person within your association. The Federation of Chinese Canadian Association’s website is http://www.conco.ca.

Booth leasing is still in progress. $100 for each booth with chairs and table provided. Tables are no larger than two feet by six feet. Booths can only sell handicrafts; not goods or foods/beverages. Advertising can be placed or fixed on signs. For booth registration, please send an email to niagarafallbooth2016@outlook.com. For more information about the event, please contact: Stella Yu (head of market sponsorship) at 416-917-7688. You can also email: information9000@gmail.com or tongxiangcc@gmail.com. Bob Lan can be reached at 647-633-8678 or at baoxian.lan@gmail.com

“Great Falls Song and Dance Festival”

Time: July 3, 2016 12:00-16:00.

Address: Oakes Garden Theatre, 5825 River Rd, Niagara Falls, ON L2G 3K9

This large-scale celebration is sponsored by the Crown title with the strong support of the Canadian government, the Great Falls municipal directorate and the business elite.

Roiy Wang

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