With the support of the Canadian Federation of Chinese Association, the Guangxi Association and the Crown Education Group, the “Great Falls Musical Performance” was hosted on July 3 2016. Held in the Oakes Garden Theatre at Niagara Falls on Queen Victoria Park, the event was a great success! The colourful show and the spectacular backdrop of the Falls made for a visual and auditory feast.


July 3 of the Canada Day Long weekend was sunny with blue skies. The Falls were rolling and impressive. Nearly 20 full school buses were driven from the Greater Toronto Area, the United States and Montreal. More than 1,000 people gathered at Niagara Falls in the Oakes Garden Theatre at Queen Victoria Park. Performers and hosts were dressed in colourful national costumers dedicated to their national customs which lent to a vibrant atmosphere of excitement.

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The Chinese Consulate General in Toronto Xue Bing, Canadian MP Geng Tan, City Councilman Selina Volpatti on behalf of the Mayor Jim Diodati, President of the Authority of Niagara Falls Park, the United States of Guangxi Chairman, Janice Thomson and Vice Chairman of the TAM Cheuk-rong were present. Congratulations to Dr Yeung Joi Bo Chinese Consular, President of the Federation of the Canadian Chinese and part of the Dragon Association and the Association of community leadership.

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The event was filled with a warm atmosphere and left patrons with outstanding memories.

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