During Autumn in September, the First Canadian International Culture and Art Festival (Toronto Long Yun International Culture and Art Exhibition) will have its grand opening in Markham City Hall. The event will be organized by Canadian Heritage Research Foundation and the Canadian Federation of Association, the municipal government contractors of Markham and more than a dozen well-known Association members. Outstanding member of the Chinese community Mr. Tan will visit the event site for the ribbon-cutting activity. The festival scene will be grand, rich in content. Exhibitions include not only the traditional Chinese calligraphy and painting, crafts and folk art, there will also be Western oil paintings, watches, silverware etc. with a high degree of art appreciation and art showcasing. Organizers have invited well-known artists and experts to lecture (with English translation), art masters in the field of cloth, dough, bamboo, paper cutting and other demonstrations. There will also be great photographs on display at the event. This year’s Canadian International Culture and Art Festival is determined to deepen the Sino-Canadian relations, promote cultural exchanges and increase development in the art of blending.


The Canadian Heritage Research Foundation’s purpose and mission is to promote heritage and culture through the arts to professionals and non-professionals, related scientific research institutes and non-profit organizations with recognized Canadian Corporations. Thus with the support the Foundation, we can ensure the quality and value of art exhibition.


Canadian Heritage Research Foundation Gold Chun’ai president (right) and the Chinese Canadian Association of Federations president Yu Ying (left) photo


The Canadian Heritage Research Foundation published the “Canadian Heritage ARTS” press conference.

The Current Canadian International Culture and Art Festival is one of the organizers. The Canadian Federation of Chinese Associations, founded in 2011, is a non-profit organization. In the five years since its establishment, the association has focused on increasing economic exchanges in mainland Chinese, serving the newcomers, carrying out a variety of community activities; the temple has become a brand association. Activities organized by the Federation of experienced Association members for the first Arts Festival will be worth more than the wait.


Federation of Chinese Canadian Associations photo


Canadian Association of the United Chinese Association chairman Yu Ying

In order to promote the exchange of Canadian culture, this event is free and open to the public. All ethnic groups and art lovers from all areas are welcome to enjoy your favorite cultural and artistic exhibits.

First Canadian International Arts Festival
Dates: September 2, 2016 // 10 am: 00- 6:00 pm
Organized Address: Toronto Markham City Hall (101 Town Centre Boulevard, Markham, ON L3R 9W3)


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