BEIJING, Toronto, August 24 (Reporter Lai Hailong) 2012
On the evening of August 24 at the Toronto Art Centre, a distinguished lecturer took to the stage to speak on the beauty of Chinese Oriental art in the opera. That night, China National Peking Opera guru Song Guanlin introduced the history and unique charm of Peking Opera to the audience. The top Peking Opera performers gave a live demonstration. These performers were brilliant and made for a spectacular show.

Song Guanlin scattered within his speech questions for the audience, which engendered audience-friendly interaction. One young female audience member accurately answered questions on the “Four-five power methods” of post-opera. Song Guanlin was appreciative; the ability of a young audience member to accurately answer the question on the “Four-five power methods” meant the opera was gaining an audience.

Zhang Jianguo, Chen Shufang, Kun Shan, Tang Wo Hong were featured: four great artists who gave lectures and performances of opera excerpts. “Autumn”, “Pick Up the Bracelet,” “Matchmaker”, “Diffusing”, “Dragon and Phoenix” & “Desert Su Wu.” These performers invited the audience on stage to perform with them “Sha Jia Bang.” The atmosphere was very warm.

These exquisite performances attracted so many opera fans to watch the show. There was applause and cheer throughout the entire show. To give the audience a better understanding of different operatic styles and different opera roles, Song Guanlin also implored the four performers perform the “Health”, “Tsing Yi”, “Star” and “Ugly” classical pieces. The profound skills of the performers in their respective roles made for a penetrating portrait of the opera.

It is understood that “Cultural China” events organized by the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office meet the spiritual needs of overseas Chinese. They provide more outlets for Chinese culture, promoting cultural exchange within China. We have taken to carefully develop events including “Four Seas with Spring”, “Famous Lecture”, “Talent Competition”, “Cultural trip,” “Photo Exhibition,” “Media in China,” “Chinese food” and other activities.


Lvkun Hill in “Ugly.”

Peking Opera master Tang Wo Hong, Kun Shan performing “Akie.”

China National Peking Opera Company president Song Guanlin speaking to the audience about the history and the unique charm of Peking Opera.


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