The meaning and value of this rite of passage can be understand with the help of the Minister of the Yaozhou District Standing Committee Guo Yuning. She said, “My Huaxi clothes, my rite of passage. Today, we gather at Yaozhou to hold the Wencheng military ceremony for the overseas Chinese youth. On behalf of the local government of the United States, Canada, the Netherlands and Sweden, 150 overseas Chinese students and teachers, we would like to extend our warm congratulations.”




Minister Guo went on to say, “Ancient Yaozhou, this Yaozhou, glorious  and divine. Several core areas of Yaozhou are the birthplace of Chinese culture. The North has kept their Huangling history for five thousand years and the South has a long history and rich cultural heritage of three thousand years. The Sui and Tang dynasties medicinary Sun Ssu, philosopher Jin Fu Xuan, Tang Dynasty calligrapher Liu, historian Linghu Defen and the Northern Song Dynasty landscape painter Fan Kuan have been here. China Chakpori, Big Xiangshan Temple, Shaanxi and Gansu Zhaojin revolutionary base and landmarks have also been featured. …… “



“‘Headgear Ritual’ is a part of traditional Chinese etiquette of the Han nationality. It is also an important custom for the Chinese. The so-called “Kaja ceremony” is the beginning of the ceremony.There is a focus on prompt headgear. This ceremony implies the official entrance into adult society, the need to be independent when facing difficulties and experiencing failure. From the immature to mature, he/she must serve from obedience to inspire young people to have virtue and filial piety, to be patriotic and progressive, enthusiastic, high-spirited noble.”


“Roots of Huaxia, the soul of China, were here this summer. I hope that the Chinese youth participated in ceremonial activities and experienced a full exchange with the Yaozhou youth. Return to your home country after disseminating Chinese civilization to others. I hope you cherish the young friends of Yaozhou in this exchange opportunity and benefit from mutual learning and common progress …… “




Although some temperatures were very hot, everyone dressed in traditional Chinese clothing. Although it was not very comfortable, the activity itself is the best experience of traditional Chinese culture. Even for our leader, it was  a great learning opportunity. More than 150 teenagers recited the oath “Pupil Rules” and the “Deer.” Perhaps they do not quite understand the content, but they all believe it has a deep impression.




Based on the exchanges with local students, peers feel that the current quality of education in mainland China has greatly improved. Whether it was education or poetry and painting, we found the performances of our students quite good! Congratulations! The whole event lasted about two hours, after which we returned to the hotel in preparation for the afternoon: “Wu Li” activities.










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