The official launch of the Roots-Seeking Trip saw a very formal opening ceremony, like the opening ceremony of the Games.
 On behalf of the leader and campers, local politicians spoke and raised the the camp flag during the ceremony. There is a large group photo etc. During the opening ceremony, Canadian leader Li Yao spoke on behalf of nearly 10 representatives from Canada, the US, Sweden and the Netherlands. He had long served previously as a teacher and remarked that this was an easy, enjoyable job. He shared this to share with you. (Illustration for the event, Yao Li leader in the shadows)

Dear leaders at all levels, dear guests:

Good morning!

Living in a foreign country we always hear parents say: “You talk about China, then learn to write Chinese characters, because your roots are in China.” The ancestral exhort, here we come. Under the careful attention of leadership, we greet the sun and set foot on our homeland. Full of expectations, China opened a door to look for the soul of culture by journeying through a nation’s history.


I’m from the Canadian Federation of Chinese Associations and was honored as a leader on behalf of all. You let me have the opportunity here to express my heartfelt thanks to the organizers of the Foreign Affairs Office of the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office and organizer of Shaanxi and Xi’an Municipal Foreign Affairs Office. Those from the United States, the 230 Chinese youth from Canada, the Netherlands, Sweden and other countries have the opportunity to have contact with the long history of China, to be close and feel the charm of traditional Chinese culture.

Contemporary poet Hsi Mu-jung said: “Life is a river of torrents, we are the people who cross the river.” China has five thousand years of history and culture like a rolling river. The descendants of the Chinese is the people  who cross the river. Even if the tide of history is constantly beating and pouring endlessly,  our tradition of Chinese culture and spirit carry forward the Chinese culture dream. Shaanxi is the common spiritual home of the Chinese people around the world and has the deep imprint of Qin Han and Tang Chinese civilizations. The majority of Chinese youth are full of youthful brilliance and together can share the Chinese dream.

 These Chinese youth face the Chinese nation. Our body’s veins are filled with Chinese blood. Children look forward to the ancient city of Xi’an and to tasting the hantangculture. We want to experience the folk customs and we have done a lot of research on the Internet.

Campers learned the history and culture of Shaanxi, which stimulated interest in learning Chinese calligraphy, Chinese language, historical sites, folk customs and enhancing their identification with the Chinese nation; a sense of pride. The Chinese youth around the world have a responsibility to be pillars of the Overseas Chinese Society and to increase the influence of the new generation of Chinese. At Shaanxi, a greater obligation was birthed. They constantly are thinking back to the host country as well  other exchanges with the Shaanxi country. This is in order to perpetuate the traditional culture of the Chinese nation to keep a long history and splendid culture.


As the leader, I want to thank the organizers for building a good Chinese and foreign youth exchange platform for long-term awareness of teenagers living abroad. They can witness the strong development of their motherland and personally experience the profound Chinese culture. Before the camp begins, a lot of careful preparatory work done by our Leader has brought great convenience to us. Thank you to the organizer of travel arrangements. Your responsible attitude and friendly service left a deep impression. A smooth and successful Roots Trip was completed despite the time difference. Each leader navigated the responses and summary feedback from parents on the WeChat group. You can get a prompt reply from the staff.  Parents’ concerns were quickly eliminated and the child returned safely. All our leaders admired the professionalism of the staff at the Overseas Chinese Affairs who did not set foot in their homeland and ushered hospitality and welcoming warmth. We will work closely with teachers and the tour organizer to work  to improve this hantangculture roots run summer camp, so that our children learn more. May all your hard work pay off. Our group of Chinese youth were left with a warm impression. This trip was the driving force them to learn Chinese. Now, more Chinese compatriots love Xi’an, have experienced Shaanxi line, appreciate Chinese culture and retain Chinese roots.

Finally, we sincerely wish the “China roots trip” Shaanxi camp a success!

All of the above are from the creative community web network.


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