Shaanxi Roots-Seeking Trip: Accompany Children to Shaanxi History Museum

The reader can find information about the Shaanxi History Museum from its official website. An excerpt from the author’s official website is briefly detailed as follows:




Shaanxi is known to be the birthplace of Chinese civilization and one of the country’s foremost areas of development. The history of China’s most brilliant Zhou, Qin, Han, Tang and 13 other dynasties had their capitals here. This rich cultural heritage forms the unique historical and cultural features of Shaanxi i.e. the “Pearl of the Ancient Capital: the Chinese Treasury,” the Shaanxi History Museum. These landmarks showcase history, culture and art that feature the ancient civilization of the Shaanxi Chinese.




Shaanxi History Museum in Xi’an in the northwest side of the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda was built in 1983. It was completed and opened in June 20, 1991. Since its inception, it is considered China’s first large-scale modern museum. The Museum marked the completion of China’s development and entrance into a new era of history. The design of the “Central Gall, Siyu Chonglou” Tang style buildings and the level of fine precision seen in the artifacts and architecture demonstrate the traditions, local characteristics and the spirit of Shaanxi. The museum covers an area of 65,000 square meters, the area of construction 55,600 square meters. The reservoir area consists of 8,000 square meters of cultural relics and the exhibition area of 11,000 square meters. More than 370,000 pieces of cultural relics are contained in the collection. From simple stone tools from the initial use of ancient tools to various popular appliances in the 1840s, the collection of artifacts span several centuries. Indeed, heritage is not only seen in quantity but variety: all types and of varying quality and value exist: the Shang and Zhou bronzes, varied and ancient pottery, Han and Tang gold and silver and Tang mubi painting. The plethora is fine and vast.




Shaanxi History Museum is a comprehensive museum. Since its opening, it displayed a wide variety of cultural relics, adhering to the principle of “effective protection and rational use to strengthen management.” The collection storage, research and public education functions to provide organic combinations of various forms of displays and exhibitions. Thematic exhibitions and temporary exhibitions complement each other and illuminate variety within the display system. Seen from many angles, audiences can learn about the rich culture of historic relics and about the profound achievements of civilization of the Chinese nation. With an open attitude to go abroad, the brilliant Chinese civilization and dazzling Shaanxi culture can be presented to the whole world.




As identified by the first batch of Chinese “4A” class tourists, the Shaanxi History Museum with its excellent displays and tidy environment, quality services, high degree of organization and unique charm has attracted many Chinese and foreign guests to pour in. It has effectively disseminated Chinese culture and provided a vital cultural exchange opportunity. In the 21st century, this collection of the Shaanxi Cultural Relics is full of vigor and substance in exhibiting human material civilizations and spiritual civilizations.






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