Xungen Roots-Seeking 2016: 380 Campers

The Canadian Federation of Chinese Associations with the Chinese Roots-Seeking organized the Roots-Seeking Summer Camp. After more than six months of preparatory work, we have ushered in the camps. 380 campers and 37 leaders will go to China’s 13 provinces and municipalities in 21 camps for the long-awaited Roots-Seeking Summer Camp! Culture Camp in Shanghai, Shanghai Dance Camp, Beijing Science Camp, Xiamen battalions etc. Affairs are under local arrangements and organized/hosted by the respective schools. Campers will participate in various events, learn Chinese cultural history and enjoy a happy memorable camp experience. Camps in late July and other camps are also expected to open. With the sight of China all around, different customs and culture will bring in a new chapter of summer camp activities.
Shanghai Culture Camp.


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Shanghai Dance Camp

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Beijing Study Tour

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Xiamen Camp

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“China Roots-Seeking Trip” is jointly sponsored by the State Overseas Chinese Affairs Office and the China Overseas Exchange Association. Its purpose is to help overseas Chinese students learn Chinese and promote feelings of national pride. For many years, the Friendship Association has actively promoted and facilitated the event. This year, the project has been widespread among the local Chinese. In order to improve this year’s Summer Camp Roots activities, we started the preparatory work from the end of last year. We held a large Roots-Seeking Summer Camp open briefing, established in advance name registration and management systems, reported conditions and summaries of the leader’s meetings, established contact with domestic organizers as well as schools through various channels to enhance communication and much more. These preparations for the official launch of the camp laid the foundation. The 2016 Roots summer camp has officially started; the group work carried out a few days to formed a sturdy foundation.

Each camp group is met with the formal induction of the leader who starts work immediately. In the Spring and Summer, each camp meets one another at colorful, small gatherings of dozens of people. These events allow parents and campers to get to know each other and build friendships. More than that, these events enable the campers to increase their understanding of the Roots-Seeking Trip and to develop a common hope towards Roots-Seeking. Summer camps help children adapt to living independently, listening and speaking Chinese, watching Chinese programs and understanding Chinese culture and customs. We have observed this during the Roots trips from the beginning.

On June 26, Friendship Association held a work meeting before sending out our leaders. Our leaders are the example to the flock and a messenger for the Friendship Association. For this we thank you on behalf of us and Canada. These leaders have expressed their wish to be good leaders to ensure the success of the event so that each camper experiences a memorable summer camp.

The next two weeks will be the camp period. The leader of the campers who are ready, I wish success for the trip and for the Chinese teenagers to have a pleasant time!

Leader Meeting

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Shanghai Dance Camp

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Shanghai Culture Camp meeting

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Shanghai joint cultural dance party

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Beijing opera camp

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Beijing painting camp First Gathering

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Second Gathering

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Beijing Dance Camp

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Beijing Overseas Outstanding Youth Camp meeting

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Beijing Study Tour camp second gathering

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