Bilingual Chinese Teenagers Host “China Roots-Seeking Trip” Closing Ceremony in Heilongjiang

Pictured above: Ma Yi Han Chinese youth, Shenghai Chen Liu presided bilingual partner.


Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Heilongjiang Province Zhang Xiaohong, Deputy Inspector Mr Liu Photo / photo of closing ceremony


The picture shows the closing ceremony live Liu / photo


The picture shows the closing ceremony live Liu / photo


The picture shows the closing ceremony live Liu / photo

BEIJING, Harbin July 28 (Reporter Lin) 2016 Overseas Chinese youth “China Roots-Seeking Trip” summer camp – Heilongjiang camp on the 28th closed camp in Harbin. 90 Chinese youth from the United States, Canada, Ireland, Russia, Italy and Indonesia. A total of six countries offered common report performances. Two bilingual Chinese Canadian campers  chaired as hosts.

In the closing ceremony on behalf of Chinese Canadian campers Han Yi and Shenghai Chen presided and introduced the program. A series of young people learning Chinese in Heilongjiang gave reports on their tour after performances. The hosts were 16 years old and in addition to performing with their groups also hosted a folk dance “Good Start.” Shenghai Chen spoke in Chinese and provided fluent Chinese translation as moderator.

Since the majority of Chinese youth were from different countries, the skill levels of the Chinese language vary. The report given by Han Yi and Shenghai Chen enabled the information to be presented in bilingual form. On the one hand, the presence of campers helped break the language barrier and made it easier to understand the live performances. On the other hand, this reflected the international influence of this summer camp, which is demonstrably more conducive to the spread of Chinese traditional culture.

In addition to learning Chinese, calligraphy, martial arts, folk dances and other traditional Chinese culture and arts, campers enjoyed the Russian style building of Sofia church, traversed the “Sino-Russian Twin Cities,” saw the Heihe City, were carried over the Sino-Russian border on a river boat tour of Heilongjiang, witnessed the other side of the city of Blagoveshchensk and visited the Residing Overseas Chinese Museum, Heihe port and other places. They were able to have the unique experience of crossing the Sino-Russian border.

At the closing ceremony speech, The Deputy Inspector of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Heilongjiang Province Zhang Xiaohong said that Heilongjiang embodies a blend of China’s traditional culture and Western culture. This blend provides for young people intimacy and the appreciation of international influence. The summer camp will help the majority of campers learn Heilongjiang, promote friendship among Chinese youth and spread Chinese culture around the world. (Finish)

News source: WASHINGTON Heilongjiang News | Date Time: at 19:44 on July 28, 2016


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