On February 17th, the New Year’s Day of the Chinese New Year, “Ruibang Finance” Canadian Chinese Association of Chinese Associations Association 2018 New Year Annual Meeting, lived in the city of Markham in the Greater Toronto Area. The annual gathering of the Chinese Association of Canadian Chinese Associations, which is jointly organized by 28 Chinese provincial associations registered in Canada, is the annual gathering of the Chinese in the Greater Toronto Area! It is the kindness of the Chinese in the Greater Toronto Area. Known as the Temple Fair, the 2018 New Year’s Annual Meeting brings together four hours of popular song and dance, Peking Opera, instrumental music and Hanfu show, as well as nearly 100 food, retail and finance, education and other booths, as well as parents. It is integrated with the children’s playground that children love. Brought a strong “yearly taste” for the Chinese New Year Festival!

Yang Shen, Executive Chairman

Chen Shengyuan,MP

Tan Geng,MP

Bob Saroya,MP

He Wei, The Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China

The presidents of the provincial associations will give you a New Year!
The Executive Chairman of the Council for Newcomer Organizations, Yang Shen and the presidents of more than 20 provincial and municipal associations, first came to the Chinese New Year’s party to celebrate the New Year’s party! And send the most sincere New Year greetings! Consul General of the Chinese Consulate General in Toronto, He Yan, Canadian Federal Congressman Tan Geng, Cai Baoguo, Chen Shengyuan, Wu Fengyi, Ye Jiali. MPP Huang Sumei, Chen Guozhi. York District Councillors Nirmala Armstrong, Li Guoxian. Markham City Councillors Hu Hujing, Yang Lanqing, Zhao Shanjiang. Richmond City Councillor Chen Zhihui and other Canadian government officials attended the 2018 New Year Annual Meeting. The appearance of Ontario Governor Kathleen Wynne caused a sensation in the venue! Governor Kathleen Wynne not only presented a congratulatory speech on congratulations to the Chinese New Year, but also went to the masses, personally distributed the red envelope for the New Year, and sent red envelopes to the stall owners, greetings to the festival, and the atmosphere was very warm!

The lively 2018 New Year’s Annual Meeting has passed, but the brand of Chinese New Year has been deeply left in the hearts of Chinese people in Toronto!


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