Anhui Community Association of Canada

President: Zhang Shenshu

Vice Presidents: Hao Xiaoping, Cao Ying, Tong Li, Sun Fei, Qiu Duowen, Zhang Youjuan, Liu Xinyi, Qu Yabing

Secretary-General: Wu Hao

Deputy Secretary-General: Wang Chunyu, Zhang Suyang

Chairman: Xu Ruizhu

Contact email:
Anhui Community Association of Canada Website:
Dear fellow, joyfully come to the spiritual home of fellow villagers in Anhui, Canada! The bumpy maple road and beautiful gardens, Jianghuai fertile soil is my hometown.

The Anhui Association of Canada was established in Toronto, Canada in early 2004. It is a non-profit organization of folk associations. Committed to friendship with nostalgia, exchange information, and help each other. Promote Canada-China cultural exchanges and economic cooperation with Anhui characteristics. Promote multiculturalism and integrate into Canadian society.

People from all walks of life who were born in Anhui, grew up in Anhui, worked, studied and lived in Anhui, and are interested in supporting the development of various undertakings in Anhui are welcome to join our big family.

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