On the afternoon of February 16, 2019, the Association of Chinese Canadians held the 2019 Chinese New Year Annual Meeting at the Gibson Center in Markham.

The associations of the 29 provinces, municipalities and regions affiliated to the Association of Hometowns also actively participated in the organization and implementation of the New Year’s annual meeting, cultural performances, volunteer dedication, stall sales and other work

This New Year’s meeting is the 8th Chinese Lunar New Year celebration held by the Association of Hometowns since 2012. The scale of the event has been expanding year by year, and the number of participants has increased. In last year’s event, there was a day The highest record of ten thousand people attending the conference.

The Chinese New Year celebration of the Association of Hometowns has become the most popular Chinese New Year celebration in Canada

This Chinese New Year annual meeting was sponsored by the Ruibang Financial Group and was funded by the Canadian Federal Government

Members of the Board of Directors of the Association of Hometowns greet the Chinese and overseas Chinese in most areas

This annual meeting attracted multi-ethnic Canadians, which fully demonstrated the value of the multicultural policy of the Maple Leaf Country

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