The Council of Newcomer Organizations held the seventh general election in Markham on August 23, 2020. After democratic voting, a new leadership team was formed and the general election was successfully concluded.

The Council of Newcomer Organizations was established in 2011 and is a non-political, non-religious, non-profit organization.

The Council of Newcomer Organizations has 29 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions affiliated to the associations. The purpose of the association is to liaise with compatriots, serve compatriots, promote exchanges, mutual assistance and cooperation among fellow associations, unite the strength of Canadian Chinese, and safeguard the rights and interests of Chinese Canadians; Various large-scale activities to carry out exchanges and guidance for international students, establish a sound emergency and mutual assistance mechanism, help compatriots in need, help new immigrants settle and find employment; enhance the image of Chinese and assist compatriots to integrate into Canadian society.

Since the establishment of the Canadian Chinese Association of Countryside Associations, the association has now covered most of China’s provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and the number of members has also increased significantly. With the development of the club, the club has also become a brand association in the Chinese community in Toronto. However, on the occasion of this general election, there was a storm of withdrawal from the four associations, which caused a lot of impact in the Chinese community and cast a shadow on the association. But this still did not affect the election activities.

On August 23, the existing 25 presidents of the Association, except for the two who asked for leave, the other 23 presidents of the local association held an open, fair and fair general election. The number of participants is in line with the principle of more than half of the participants. Yang Baofeng, president of the Beijing Association, was entrusted by the previous executive chairman, Zhu Jiang, to preside over the general election. Every president who attended the meeting had a 3-minute speech.

The presidents made work summaries and reports, as well as their expectations for the new leadership team, and clearly stated whether they would participate in the co-chair and executive chairman.

After the speeches of the 23 presidents, a secret ballot will be held. Under the notary supervision of the legal counsel and certified accountant of the general association and five presidents of the associations who did not participate in the election of co-chairs, in line with the principles of fairness and justice, the voting was performed on the spot and seven co-chairs were finally elected.

Next, the president who participated in the election for executive chairman expounded his policy agenda and gave a speech report on future work and planning.

Mr. Han Jialiang said in his speech: “I have listened carefully to the speeches of the presidents, and I also keep them in my heart. This time the four fellow associations withdrew from the association and the damage caused to the association I feel very sad. If I am elected, first of all , Is to improve the association’s constitution, including election details, financial system, confidentiality rules, etc.; only by formulating a complete constitution, with a strict system, can everyone have evidence to follow and have laws to follow, and the association can To better serve our Chinese compatriots, we can go further. Of course, we will discuss and discuss with all the presidents of any amendments to the constitution, and finally reach a consensus.

Secondly, we must continue to strengthen the management of the financial system on the basis of the last financial improvement, eliminate any loopholes, make timely corrections when problems are found, and achieve financial openness and transparency. We will publish financial statements on our own website every month. The financial status of each quarter will be reported to all the presidents at the president’s regular meeting, and there must be a detailed income and expenditure schedule after each major event. At the same time, I promised to give up the right to sign cheques. Like the previous co-chairman, I will not be reimbursed for any personal expenses.

Third, strengthen the contact and cooperation with the various associations, actively listen to their suggestions and opinions, and let them participate in the major decisions of the associations.

Fourth, to cooperate with the co-chairs, lead the various departments directly under the association, such as the Sports Department, the Arts Department, the External Liaison Department, the Seniors Department, the Finance Department, the Youth International Student Department, the summer camp, etc., and strengthen communication with them, Work encourages and supports.

Fifth, the door of the association is always open to the four associations who withdrew from the association, and they are welcome to return in a reasonable manner at the appropriate time.

Sixth, I will be strict in self-discipline and be lenient to others, and we will tolerate and understand each other together. When encountering problems, we will communicate with the co-chairs and chairmen in time. Although the future is bright, our road is tortuous and we have a long way to go. For the long-term development of the Federation of Canadian Chinese Associations, and for the Association to go further and better, I am willing to do my best. “

In the end, Mr. Han Jialiang, the president of the Shanxi Association of Hometowns and one of the co-chairs of the previous term, passed unanimously and was elected as the executive chairman of the new Canadian Federation of Chinese Associations.

The other six co-chairs are Yang Baofeng, President of Beijing Association, Xing Jiyuan, President of Tianjin Association, Zhang Jie, President of Hebei Association, Geng Shen, Executive President of Qilu Association, Shen Xieyuan, President of Shanghai Association, and Wang, President of Qinghai Association. Yu.

The general election is successfully concluded, and the new leadership team will lead the various associations to unite sincerely and continue to serve the Chinese compatriots, making the association a proud Chinese society.

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