The Technology and Innovation Division is mainly responsible for the maintenance and update of the website of the CONO and the release of information.
1, Website maintenance
*Website planning
*Web design
*Website promotion
*Website operation
*Overall website optimization
*It is necessary to check the website system regularly to ensure the normal operation of the system, and make records
*Prevent abnormal phenomena on the website at all times, ensure timely measures are taken, and formulate solutions case
*Back up data regularly, and make backups from time to time to avoid data loss on the website
*Loss of time will cause a fatal blow to the website. At the same time, the website can be restored in time when it is hacked.
*Replica site data
*Do a good job in website security management, prevent hackers from invading the website, check the various functions and links of the website
is the connection wrong.

2, Website update
*Website content editing and daily management of forums
*Update and maintenance of website information content
* Collection and arrangement of column data and information
* Select, write, extract and reprint related articles on various sites

3, Information Release
* All notices, announcements and news reports published on the homepage of the website must first be in charge of the head office
Can be released after the leader’s review is passed
* After the information is released, the text, pictures and layout on the release webpage need to be further verified
Yes, check immediately after release, and solve problems immediately
* Collect information in a timely and effective manner, and strive for the timeliness and readability of information. To guarantee the website letter
Rapid spread of information
* Log in to the website every day to check and find anomalies, communicate with the website operator in time and solve decide.

Council of Newcomer Organizations
Technology and Innovation Division

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