(1) Purpose: Serving all new immigrants from both sides of the strait and four places who land in Canada and come to Canada
International students studying in Canada. Staff composition of the department: This department is composed of the minister in charge and the chief executive
Responsible for daily work;
(2) All services and consultations shall be treated equally regardless of political faction and religious belief;
(3) Resolutely eliminate unreasonable charges and illegal transactions in all services and consultations;
(4) Actively contact Chinese student associations and institutions in major universities;
(5) Actively do a good job in the settlement consultation of new immigrants’ life and work, and strive to become a
The bridge between the three levels of government departments;
(6) Actively give full play to overseas students and immigrants from various provinces and cities across the Taiwan Straits and Chinese embassies and consulates and fellow villagers
The liaison function of the meeting;
(7) Assist in handling emergencies of international students;
(8) Assist in the procedures and management of off-campus accommodation international students;
(9) Organizing or assisting in organizing various cultural, sports and entertainment activities for international students;
(10) Responsible for organizing and participating in various activities for international students inside and outside the school;

Council of Newcomer Organizations
New Immigrants and International Students Division

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