Work objectives and functions of the Industry Outreach Division

  1. Work objectives of the Ministry of Commerce
    The Ministry of Commerce, by formulating various investment plans, drafting a standard investment workflow, and coordinating multi-channel and wide-ranging investment promotion, investment channel management, and investment contract management, will introduce funds to the association to promote the rapid development of the association.
  2. Work functions of the Ministry of Commerce
    (1) Responsible for the collection, sorting and release of investment promotion information and investment promotion materials, as well as the design and promotion of investment promotion advertisements.
    (2) Responsible for the organization and management of the investment conference, the liaison of participants and the follow-up work after the investment conference.
    (3) Responsible for the comprehensive coordination and supporting services of the investment promotion project, and report the situation of the investment promotion project.
    (4) Responsible for the construction and management of investment products, project database and information database.
    (5) Responsible for participating in investment negotiations and signing of investment contracts, responsible for the coordination, promotion and implementation of investment projects, and coordinated with relevant departments to do a good job in the planning and layout of investment projects, and provide investors with comprehensive consulting services. To
    (6) Responsible for the formulation of investment promotion plans and annual plans, the study of investment policies and investment environment, the design of investment models, the compilation of comprehensive investment information, and the compilation and distribution of investment briefs.
    (7) Responsible for drawing up preferential policies for investment promotion in order to attract more businesses.

Council of Newcomer Organizaitons
Industry Outreach Division

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