After more than two months of intensive preparation and training, the “2015 Sunlife Hanbang Financial Volleyball Championship” organized by the Association of Hometowns completed all the events on July 26. Liaoning and Shaanxi won the championships in Group A and Group B, Yunnan and Yunnan. The second Sichuan team won two runner-ups. Yao Hao from the Liaoning team and Yang Zhen from the Shaanxi team won the MVP of this match. This competition attracted 16 volleyball teams from 14 provinces and cities in Anhui, Beijing, Hebei, Fujian, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia, Qinghai, Shaanxi, Sichuan, Xinjiang, and Yunnan. The following players won the best players of each team: Gu Honghui (Anhui team), Gao Rong (Beijing team), Lu Jian (Fujian team), Hu Weilin (Hebei team), Huang Hai (Hubei team), Dai Zhiyue (Hunan) Team), He Xiang (Jiangxi team), Zhou Yang (Liaoning team), Dan Xiaotong (Inner Mongolia team), Wen Yi (Qinghai team), Zhang Wei (Shaanxi team), Wei Wei (Sichuan team), Shen Yong ( Sichuan Second Team), Yang Yihui (Xinjiang First Team), Li Jiaqi (Xinjiang Second Team), Chen Weiqi (Yunnan Team).

This competition is the first volleyball competition organized by the Association of the Same Country. In response to the requirements of the majority of sports enthusiasts, the competition promotes fitness activities from fellow villagers from all over the country and enriches the amateur cultural life. In order to ensure the success of the event, a large number of enthusiastic people actively participated and took up various tasks voluntarily. Many sports professionals provide training for volleyball enthusiasts from various associations, formulate careful planning and competition rules for the event, so that this game has a higher level and enjoyment. Former Chinese women’s volleyball national player Ms. Pan Wenli, since she served as the sports consultant of the Association of Hometowns, no matter how busy she is, she insisted to guide all the participating teams on the spot. The general planner of this tournament-the president of Xinjiang Hometown Association, the former main player of Bayi Men’s Basketball Team Center Zhu Jiang, from event planning to specific implementation, has devoted a lot of time and effort. In the past two months, a group of former Chinese provincial-level volleyball team members have enthusiastically helped their fellow associations to form teams and provide training. The referee Zhang Qi of the Ontario Volleyball Association was invited to serve as the chief referee during his busy schedule, participating in the formulation of the rules of the game and training of volunteers, and participated in the refereeing work throughout the game; Pan Wenli, Zhang Qiong, Ouyang Meng, Don Ng, John Choi, Xue Qing, Zhao Qiang, Zhou Yang, Zhou Weilan and others served as referees for this game. During the two days of the game, they worked hard and worked hard and impartially. Initiated by He Liping and Han Zhiwei, more than 30 young student volunteers signed up for this event. According to the division of labor, they are responsible for linemen, scorer, field reporter and logistics work. After training, these young volunteers work hard and earnestly and responsibly. Under the leadership of the person in charge Zhu Chenguang, they stick to their posts for a long time every day. Ms. Wu Chun, a professional physician, served as the first responder for the game and provided emergency rescue for the injured team members. The photographer Yu Congzhang worked tirelessly on the scene for two days, leaving a precious picture for the competition.

This competition was strongly sponsored and supported by Sunlife Hanbang Finance, Canuck Stuff Sports, York BBS, Canadian Tire and Costco suppliers, Guangzhou Hualing Company Mr. Li Qingrong and Mr. Wang Biao, Canadian Chinese Volleyball Association and Fasta Printing Company. , Also got the venue support provided by Bill Wu. At the same time, the fellow associations have also received strong sponsorship and support from many manufacturers and individuals. Congratulations to the winning teams and athletes in this competition, and thank all companies and individuals who have provided support and worked hard in this competition. .

Zhao Yuanpeng, Zhu Jiang, Yu Ying, Yang Baofeng, Han Zhiwei, Yang Shen, Gu Qian, Li Dong, Hu Jiangfeng, Zhou Yang and Ouyang Meng from the Sports Department of the Federation of the same towns organized the competition.       

Anhui Team

Jiangxi Team

Qinghai Team

Shanxi Team

Sichuan Team

Xinjiang Team

Neimeng Team

Hunan Team

Yunnan Team

Hubei Team

Fujiang Team

Liaoning Team

Hebei Team

Xinjiang Team

Sichuan Team

Beijing Team

The successful conclusion of the Volleyball Championship of the Association of Hometowns is inseparable from the hard work of a large number of volunteers on the stage and behind the scenes. In this last report, I would like to thank the little volunteers on the field. In this competition, a total of 36 students signed up for volunteer work. After training, they took on the tasks of scorer, flop, lineman, etc. In the two days of intense and long competition, most of the student volunteers were serious and responsible , Persisted to the end, left a deep impression on everyone.
Among the student volunteers, a young film crew was particularly eye-catching. They made their own filming and interview plans, and finally made a documentary, leaving precious materials for this volleyball championship. This is a film crew composed of teenagers aged 15, 15, 16, and 17. Although this age is young, the professional crew is T PICTURES. It should be very conspicuous and novel at the scene of the regular competition. During the two-day filming work, they interviewed more than 30 people in total, leaving precious video records for the competition from various aspects.

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