The 2016 Hanbang Financial Cup Volleyball Championship of the Council of Newcomer Organizations ended on August 7 at the Markham Pan American Games Stadium after two days of intense competition. In the evening of the same day, a grand awards banquet was held. More than 350 people including athletes, organizing committee, guests, sponsors, etc. gathered together to celebrate the successful completion of this volleyball championship.

 This competition is the second volleyball championship organized by the Association of Hometowns. A total of 28 teams participated. In order to expand the influence of the competition and improve the level of the competition, in addition to inviting all the associations to participate in the competition, the organizing committee also established The Open is open to other ethnic groups and communities. The Chinese Consulate General in Toronto also sent two teams to participate in the competition. Consul General Xue Bing and his wife participated in the competition in person.

The competition is divided into three levels, namely: Senior Master Group (Masters Group), Senior Friendship Group (Friendly Group) and Open Group (Open Group). After fierce competition, Liaoning team and Hubei team won the championship and runner-up of the Masters group respectively; Shaanxi team and Qinghai team won the champion and runner-up of friendly match group respectively; Yang Lin Fitness Club team and Guangdong team won the champion and runner-up of the open group. The overall level of the participating teams in this volleyball match has been greatly improved compared to the previous one. Every hometown association actively mobilizes elite soldiers, and there are many provincial and national athletes on the field, as well as many professional players. In order to ensure the fairness and impartiality of the game, the referees are professional referees hired. The rules of the game are also formulated in accordance with the rules of the professional game, and an arbitration team has been set up by senior people. This volleyball match is a high-level event with high spectators.

The two-day competition was intense and intense, and the atmosphere was friendly and lively. Volleyball players struggled to fight on the field, cheering teams cheering and cheering and cheering among fellow associations. In order to cooperate with this competition, the various associations organized cheerleaders to help out. The cheering in the Panmei Sports Stadium kept on and the applause continued. These formed a major feature of the competitions of the Association.

The list of participating teams is as follows: Senior Master Group: Liaoning Team, Hubei Team, Fujian Team, Beijing First Team, Guangdong Second Team, Hebei Team, Beijing Second Team, Hunan Team, Anhui Team, Tianjin Team, Guangxi Team, Jiangsu; Senior Friendship Team : Shaanxi Team, Qinghai Second Team, Inner Mongolia Team, Xinjiang Team, Sichuan First Team, Hubei Second Team, Shanxi Team, Consulate First Team, Sichuan Second Team, Consulate Second Team; Open Group: Yang Lin Fitness Club, Guangdong First Team After the competition, the Qinghai First Team, Shaanxi Youth Team, Global Education Team, and Guangxi Youth Team held an awards banquet to celebrate the success of this volleyball championship! The atmosphere of the dinner was warm and grand. The head of the Association of the Same Township and the Minister of Sports gave a speech to thank all the individuals and groups who contributed to the game! The guests respectively delivered speeches to congratulate the success of this volleyball match!

The president, guests, sponsors, and members of the organizing committee of the Association of Hometowns presented awards to the champions, runners-up, and best athletes of this volleyball tournament.

Organizing such a large-scale charity competition is very difficult. From personnel organization to event arrangement and rule-making, venue search, fund raising, referees, volunteers and other specific matters are all the free contributions of a group of enthusiastic people, and everyone abandons themselves. His spare time earned the success of this event. I would like to thank all the staff of the organizing committee for their selfless dedication! Thanks to the volunteers on and off the court for their enthusiastic support! Thank you for your participation! Thank you for the title sponsor: Handbond Financial Solution Inc; thank you for the diamond sponsor: Canuckstuff Sports, 365 Education, Haoli Furniture, Western Restaurant, Pan Wenli Volleyball Training Camp; thank you for the gold sponsor: HSBC.

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