On January 22, 2020, the Council Of Newcomer Organizations held a press conference for the Chinese New Year and Lantern Festival Temple Fair at D&H Show Production. The New Year and Lantern Festival was sponsored by Ruibang Financial. In addition to the presidents of the fellow associations, the chairman of Ruibang Financial, Li Hong, President Liao Ziwei, representatives of shopping malls, and the media attended the press conference. Press conference.

Zhu Jiang, executive chairman of the Council of Newcomer Organizations, said that this year’s temple fair is the sixth session of theCouncil of Newcomer Organizations. In order to celebrate the whole New Year, the Council of Newcomer Organizations will hold different forms of joy every year. This year’s temple fair will be held from February 8th to 9th. The venue is in a shopping mall. While shopping, you can also see our Lantern Festival temple fair. There will be many wonderful programs, paintings and calligraphy at the temple. The annual meeting attracted a large number of Chinese people to participate. Last year it reached 20,000, affecting nearly hundreds of thousands of Chinese in most areas. The event is now crowded with people of all ethnic groups participating. It is the largest Chinese New Year event in the Greater Toronto Area. . This year, it was included in the “Happy Chinese New Year” series of activities of the Chinese Consulate General in Toronto.

Ms. Ziwei Liao, President of Ruibang Finance, also said in her speech: “The Council of Newcomer Organizations is the largest organization covering Chinese in Toronto and the best opportunity to promote Chinese culture. This year my daughter participated in the Miss World The activity, because all aspects are excellent, so it is very likely to enter the top 25, she will participate in and volunteer at the temple fair of the same town.”

It is reported that this year’s Lantern Festival Temple Fair, the entire event content is wonderful, including temple fair booths: snacks, small crafts; Chinese culture: painting, calligraphy; theatrical performances, joining of other ethnic groups, children’s paradise, and distribution of peace for the elderly Rice and other activities.

There are a total of 80 booths at this annual meeting. Those who want to participate can contact the Association as soon as possible.

Time: February 8th to 9th

Address: Woodside Square Mall 1571 Sandhurst Cir Scarborough

Stand responsible: Wang Yu 4164716001, Liu Xi 4167963288, Wang Wei 4165640433.

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