The Council of Newcomer Organizations held a launch ceremony for the delivery of relief supplies to the disaster-stricken area at Markham Dingtai Supermarket on January 28. Consul General Han Tao of the Chinese Consulate in Toronto and the presidents of several associations attended the ceremony.

Consul General Han Tao thanked the Federation of Hometown Associations for their concern and support for the motherland and expressed his firm belief that China will surely win the epidemic. He said that since the outbreak of the new type of pneumonia, governments at all levels in China have attached great importance to it, mobilized national forces to fight the epidemic, and promptly, proactively and continuously reported the progress of the epidemic and prevention and control. On the first day of the Lunar New Year, President Xi Jinping organized a meeting of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee to make arrangements for strengthening epidemic prevention and set up a central leadership team for epidemic response. Han Tao said that he has learned that overseas Chinese, ethnic Chinese, overseas students, Chinese-funded enterprises and friends from all walks of life in the consular area have been actively taking actions and have shown their love in various ways. He once again expressed his high respect and heartfelt thanks to everyone for their work.。

In his speech, Zhu Jiang, executive chairman of The Council of Newcomer Organizations, said that we are in the same boat through storms and rains. The Hubei Association and some chambers of commerce have formed a cheering Wuhan Alliance to raise donations for the disaster-stricken areas. The association must assist in charitable fundraising and provide assistance. Preparation for the disaster area. Zhu Jiang said that many outside friends also extended their enthusiastic hands. Carl of OTT Fangyuan International donated all of their 40,000 masks to the association. Dingtai Supermarket President He also entrusted Zhang Yonggang to provide N95 masks worth 20,000 yuan. , President Ding of Stanford Institute of Technology personally donated 30,000 Canadian dollars in cash, an unknown friend from Jiangsu donated 10,000 Canadian dollars, and a friend with ordinary income in Xinjiang also donated 10,000 Canadian dollars…

Zhu Jiang said that when the motherland is in danger, when the motherland needs the help of our overseas Chinese, the overseas Chinese have never fallen behind, and everyone has taken the initiative to stand up. In just one and a half days, the value of the funds and goods raised is very impressive, and now more than 150,000 Canadian dollars have been received, and the number is still rising. He thanked all the friends involved for their great support. “In many hospitals in China, doctors and nurses do not have masks and do not have much-needed supplies. They are still fighting on the front line.” At this point, Chairman Zhu Jiang burst into tears. He felt self-blame. He felt that he had to work harder to support the epidemic.

Wang Wei of the Hubei Association of Hometowns is very grateful to everyone for their dedication to Hubei. He said: Overseas Chinese at this time, everyone should do a meager effort. We will gather all these and give them to the people in the disaster area, especially Medical staff on the front line. The Association also worked overtime to design a website so that everyone can understand the amount of donations and the relief situation. He said that the website is being improved to make the event more transparent.

The representative of OTT Fangyuan International said: I am very happy to do something for the disaster area. At present, the first batch of masks has been shipped to Hubei, China. OTT Fangyuan International is willing to do its best for disaster relief supplies.

Zhang Yonggang of Dingtai International Group said: By coincidence, a batch of N95 masks originally purchased was prepared to be distributed to employees. Now they are all donated to the Federation of Canadian Chinese Associations. At the same time, they are actively contacting N95 suppliers and others. Medical suppliers do their utmost efforts and support for the epidemic. The epidemic continues, and our assistance is continuous.

The representatives of the Hong Kong community also spoke to express their greetings and support to the people in the disaster area. They also called on the media to speak out and try to stop the spread of WeChat rumors, and at the same time, ensure that everyone does not believe or spread rumors.

Yang Baofeng of the Beijing Association said: It is the traditional virtue of our Chinese nation that one party is in trouble and all parties support. Although we are overseas, we also have a patriotic heart. We will actively promote our traditional virtues.

The organizer of the event stated that blood is thicker than water. When our country of origin needs us, all overseas Chinese and Chinese will take action to express our love for the motherland with practical actions. People are here, our hearts are here, and the mountains and rivers are always there. , Spring will not be far away from us!

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