On November 8, 2020, The Canadian association of Hebei  province held a full board meeting in Toronto through the online ZOOM, and democratically elected the 10th Canadian Hebei Association Chairman, President and a new executive director.

The meeting was presided over by Niu Jianhua, the chairman of Hebei Association. After the directors greeted each other cordially through the Internet, the chairman Zhang Jie first summarized the work of the past two years on behalf of the Hebei Association.
In the past two years, the Canadian Hebei Association has done a lot of meaningful work, including:
Organize gatherings of fellow villagers to promote exchanges and serve the fellow villagers.

The Hebei Association New Year Friendship Party was held on March 3, 2019

2Hebei Association Summer Picnic Party was held on July 20, 2019; In September 2019, the directors of Hebei Association and fellow villagers came to the venue to support and participate in the “Lion and Lion Festival”; in 2019, he organized and hosted a series of professional lectures on the Hebei Association. .

In July 2019, he supported and organized the participation of the “Root-seeking Journey” Hebei Summer Camp for Chinese youths, to appreciate the local customs and the ever-changing changes in Hebei, and to enhance the friendship between the people.

Participate in and support the activities of the Federation of Canadian Chinese Associations: Participate in the December 2018 Annual Meeting and December 2019 Annual Meeting of the Canadian Federation of Chinese Associations; Support and participate in the volleyball game hosted by the Association of Chinese Associations in June 2019 and Various cultural and sports activities.
After the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, President Zhang Jie led everyone to do a lot of things for the villagers, including: the directors of the Hebei Association and the villagers actively donated money and materials to the ancestral (home) country and the local anti-epidemic in Canada, and made positive contributions to the community Efforts and contributions demonstrate the dedication and great love of Hebei Association. From April to October 2020, support and assist Hebei students in fighting the epidemic, assisting in solving a series of difficulties in returning to China, answering questions and solving difficulties. From April to early October 2020, the Hebei Association has donated masks and other anti-epidemic protective products to the fellow villagers in Hebei four times to help the villagers and enhance the cohesion of the Hebei Association. An online health seminar in the Hebei Association group was held in May 2020.
With these selfless dedication, on August 23, 2020, President Zhang Jie was elected as the seventh co-chairman of the Federation of Canadian Chinese Associations.
After listening to Chairman Zhang Jie’s summary and review of the work of the last two years, everyone was very impressed. They made statements about their work and shared their own feelings. They also looked forward to the development of the association. The words were touching. Every word is sincere.
The new term of the Hebei Association’s directors, directors and presidents were democratically elected and voted unanimously by the association’s directors. In this extraordinary period of the epidemic, the 10th Canadian Hebei Association still maintains the original team, working together, uniting, and Overcome difficulties. The directors raised their hands to pass the re-election of Chairman Niu Jianhua; all the directors approved and fully supported the re-election of Chairman Zhang Jie.
In 2020, during the global epidemic, friends from the village will not be able to get together often, and the distance makes everyone miss and worry about each other even more! I hope everyone will be well protected, healthy and safe! Next year, the Hebei Association will usher in its 20th anniversary. The Hebei Association will continue to work with fellow Canadian associations to build a harmonious Chinese community. I wish Hebei Association to a higher level with the joint efforts of everyone!
The Canadian Hebei Association was established in 2001. Since its establishment, the association has been adhering to the purpose of serving the Hebei folks, building a platform for mutual exchange, mutual assistance and cooperation for the Hebei villagers living in Canada, and to promote the culture of Hebei and Canada Exchanges and economic and trade cooperation build bridges to help the Hebei overseas Chinese in Canada in emergency relief, and donate money to help sudden disasters in their hometown in Hebei.
The results of the general election of the Council of the Canadian Hebei Association (10th):
Chairman: Niu Jianhua
Chairman: Zhang Jie
Honorary Chairman: Lu Shuangxing, Sun Zhidong
Vice Presidents: Li Hezeng, Li Xiaoling, Liu Fang
Secretary-General: Li Xiaoling (concurrently)
Deputy Secretary-General: Zhang Sha
Council members:
Niu Jianhua, Zhang Jie, Lu Shuangxing, Sun Zhidong, Li Hezeng, Li Xiaoling, Liu Fang, Peng Ning, Zhang Sha, Guo Junfang

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