International Cultural and Art Exchange Forum at the University of Toronto ended successfully

On November 10, 2019, the “National Style and New Charm-Damei Tianjin “New Peking Opera·Chu Lanlan” International Cultural and Artistic Exchange Canada Forum” was co-sponsored by the Canadian Tianjin Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Canadian Strait Cultural Exchange Foundation at the University of Toronto. This forum With the strong support and participation of the Chinese Consulate in Toronto and various communities in Toronto, the forum was a complete success.
As the founder and leader of the new Peking Opera, Chu Lanlan conducted a series of lecture tours in North America and came to the University of Toronto. It coincided with the 100th birthday of the Hart House of the University of Toronto in the Music Room full of historical sentiments. The New Peking Opera International Cultural and Artistic Exchange Forum was held.

Participants in the forum included Deputy Consul General Zhuang Yaodong of the Chinese Consulate General in Toronto, Cultural Counsellor Han Ning, Consul Ms. Yu Xiaoyao, Assistant Member of Ontario Ms. Ke Wenbin Ms. Tina, Professor of Chinese Opera in Toronto, Ms. Bude, Executive Chairman of the Canadian Chinese Association. Mr. Yang Baofeng, the eldest sister of the Beijing Association of Canada; Mr. Geng Shen, the executive chairman of the Qilu Association of Hometowns, Ms. Sheng Li, a famous Canadian Peking Opera artist, Mr. Zhang Xudong, a Peking Opera artist, Ms. Sophia, Vice President of the Inner Mongolia Association, Mr. Zhao Tianhui, President of Tianjin Association, Ms. Wang Xiang, the vice chairman, Mr. Wang Anping, the chairman of Tianjin Association, Ms. Dong Min, the honorary chairman, Mr. Cai Wei, chairman of the Toronto Tianjin Chamber of Commerce, and some friends who love Peking Opera.
First of all, the organizer represented the founder of the Canadian Straits Cultural Exchange Foundation (Preparatory Committee) Mr. Xing Jiyuan and the Honorary Chairman of the Tianjin Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Canada Mr. Deng Chunli gave a welcome speech on behalf of the chairman of the board Mr. Shen Yi; Vice Consul General of the Chinese Consulate in Toronto, Zhuang Yaodong The speech pointed out: “Peking opera is our national quintessence. Peking opera can go abroad and promote its development overseas. It cannot be separated from the propaganda of overseas artists. At the same time, it is also inseparable from the propaganda of Chinese artists going abroad and promote Chinese traditional culture. There is no shirk, but also a long way to go.”

Mr. Zhu Jiang, executive chairman of the Coucil of Newcomer Organizations, said in his speech: “I extend a warm welcome to Mr. Chu Lanlan, and I hope Mr. Chu Lanlan will come to Toronto frequently for academic exchanges in the future;” Yang Baofeng, President of the Beijing Association of Canada The eldest sister welcomed Mr. Chu Lanlan and wished the lecture a complete success. Dr. Zhang Yizhuan, the chairman of most cultural centers, made enthusiastic speeches; Mr. Geng Shen, the executive chairman of the Qilu Association of Hometowns, presented his personal writing on behalf of the Association of Hometowns and the representatives of the opera circles An assistant to Congressman Ke Wenbin from Ontario also came to congratulate him and brought a congratulatory letter from Congressman Ke Wenbin.

Ms. Sheng Li, a famous Canadian Peking Opera artist, gave an impromptu performance; before the start of the forum, Mr. Zhuang Yaodong, the Acting Consul General of Toronto of the People’s Republic of China, gave a comprehensive summary speech, and Mr. Lan Lan invited Mr. Zhuang and Chu Lanlan to give a speech. Cooperative performances of traditional chants, their performances won rounds of applause from the guests! Representatives of the Canadian Alternative Group also specially participated in this forum activity.

Chu Lanlan is a leading figure in the new Peking Opera. He has been invited to perform at major national events many times, and has frequently performed and spoken all over the world. In this speech, Chu Lanlan focused on three philosophical propositions: “Who am I”, “Where do I come from” and “Where do I go?” Show. In addition to detailed language expositions and multimedia presentations, Chu Lanlan also helps the audience to feel the charm of the new Peking Opera more personally through wonderful live performances. During the process, the audience burst into enthusiastic applause from time to time to express their enthusiastic praise for the new Peking Opera and Teacher Chu Lanlan. Some children from Canada spontaneously took the stage to learn from Teacher Chu Lanlan and perform together.
After the speech, Professor Bude expressed his love and recognition of the new Peking Opera, and had a lively discussion with Chu Lanlan on the modernization and internationalization of the new Peking Opera. Later, Professor Bude exchanged gifts with Teacher Chu Lanlan on behalf of the University of Toronto. The audience also enthusiastically asked questions and expressed their love for the new Peking Opera. The whole event lasted for nearly three hours, and finally the exchange event was successfully concluded with warm flowers and applause. Many guests and audiences also took pictures with Teacher Chu Lanlan.

This event is the last stop of Chulanlan’s North American cultural and artistic exchange activities. Prior to this, Chu Lanlan and the New Peking Opera team had been invited to participate in the 15th China-US Film Festival in Los Angeles, and visited the Los Angeles Digital Domain headquarters and Harvard University Chinese Art Laboratory.
Mr. Shen Yi, chairman of the Canadian Tianjin Federation of Industry and Commerce, has done a lot of preparation work before and after the forum. Here again, I sincerely thank Mr. Shen Yi for his dedication!

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