September 2nd, the scorching summer in Toronto suddenly seemed to be done, giving us fellow villagers in Qilu, Shandong, a day of coolness. The vibrant summer was accompanied by green trees and green grass, reflecting the people of Shandong. The brilliant and joyful smile. Sponsored by the Qilu Association of Canada, Canada-China Shandong General Chamber of Commerce, Shandong University Toronto Alumni Association, Qingdao University Canadian Alumni Association, Qingdao Ocean University Toronto Alumni Association, Global Chinese Language Co-organizer, under the dedicated organization and arrangement of the presidents and directors, we will work together The 14th Summer Park Picnic was held. Nearly 300 fellow villagers from Shandong and friends from all walks of life gathered in Sunny Brook Park in the center of Toronto.

At the beginning of the show, more than 20 council members of the local association sang the song “Unity is Strength” with high spirits, and immediately gathered the hearts of all the fellow villagers present! Afterwards, Ms. Maria Sun, the president of the Qilu Association of Hometowns, led a enthusiastic speech by all the directors to make the atmosphere of the picnic warm and lively. Consul Yang Baohua of the Chinese Consulate in Toronto brought us greetings from the motherland. Chairman Zhu Jiang also came to congratulate the meeting. At the picnic, the laughter and cheers of the villagers in Shandong were endless. There were villagers from all over the country rushing to report the program, wanting to show off the unprecedented grand occasion of singing, which made everyone laugh. In the wonderful tug-of-war competition, the handsome beautiful boys and the children all rolled up their sleeves and were eager to try. They must show our Shandong people’s momentum and Yugong Yishan’s fighting spirit. But the most important thing is that the villagers can use this opportunity to communicate and share information, and the local accents and feelings can be described as a joy.

Since its establishment in 2005, the Qilu Association has grown to tens of thousands of members. The two big gatherings every year have become an important platform for exchanges and mutual assistance among the Shandongese in Toronto, and it has also become a backbone of the Toronto Chinese community. power! Here, I once again wish our children of Qilu have a steadily prosperous sesame blooming overseas! Toronto Qilu Hometown Association has inherited and carried forward the excellent character of Qilu people’s warmth and hospitality. People from all over the world are welcome to participate, share happiness and life with us, and grow old together!

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