On October 2nd, the “Fifteen Moons and Sixteen Circles-Zhongzhou China’s Hometown Feelings” calligraphy and painting exhibition jointly sponsored by the Canadian Chinese Association of Chinese Hometown Association, the Canadian Central State Henan Fellowship Association and the Canadian Strait Cultural Exchange Foundation opened at Topkids Education , A period of three days.
This calligraphy and painting exhibition is the first event of the Federation of Canadian Chinese Associations after the establishment of the new leadership team. After intensive preparation, the preparatory committee officially met with the audience on October 2. The impact of the new crown epidemic will be divided into two parts online and offline at the same time! Congratulations from Mr. Han Tao, Consul General of the People’s Republic of China in Toronto, Mr. Hanpeng Dong, Member of Parliament of Canada, Mr. Wenbin Ke, Member of Ontario, and Ms. Qiqing Yang, Member of Markham City. The guests who participated in the opening ceremony were Chinese Canadians both online and offline. Mr. Han Jialiang, Executive Chairman of the Federation of Associations, Ms. Hu Hedi, Secretary General of the Canadian Straits Cultural Exchange Foundation, Lawyer Chen Bingding, Chairman of the All-Canada Chinese Committee for the Promotion of China’s Unification, Ms. Yang Baofeng and Mr. Geng Shen, Co-chairs of the Federation of Canadian Chinese Associations, Ms. Shen Xieyuan, Secretary-General Mr. Zhou Zhijun; President of Hunan Hometown Association, Dr. Huang Xinglai, President of Jiangxi Hometown Association, Huang Lan, President of Henan Fellowship Association of Canada, Mr. Liu Xi, Honorary Advisor Professor Zhang Guifang, Chairman Mr. Zhang Yige, Council Member Mr. Hu Jiangfeng, the young committee member, Sun Zhuoxi and Alice Yuang, Xu Jing, Wang Hong, Xie Biao, etc.





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       At the opening ceremony, Ms. Yang Baofeng, co-chairman of the Federation of Canadian Chinese Associations, presided over the opening ceremony. Executive Chairman Mr. Han Jialiang made a speech: “This year’s epidemic disrupted many activities of our association. Although this exhibition is divided online and Offline, offline, we still abide by government regulations today. Every time no more than 9 people come to see the exhibition, everyone wear masks and maintain social distancing. At the same time, we can also see that today’s exhibition is a high-standard and high-quality exhibition. The combination of China and youth, the combination of the East and the West, and the combination of famous students and students. I hope that this exhibition will bring a different holiday blessing to the general meeting during the epidemic.” Lawyer Chen Bingding, Honorary President of the Canadian Central State Henan Fellowship Association Mr. Liu Xi, Honor Advisor Professor Zhang Guifang, Chairman Mr. Zhang Yige, Chairman Mr. Hu Jiangfeng, Youth Commissioner Sun Zhuoxi and others all spoke, wishing the motherland a happy holiday, and wishing the exhibition a complete success.

     The biggest highlight of this exhibition is the works of famous artists, including master Li Keran’s works, Mr. Qi Gong’s calligraphy, Canadian “Year of the Ox” stamps, “Doctor Bethune 100th Anniversary” stamp designer and famous painter Mr. Liu Xiangping. There is also the “Tiger” by Mr. Liu Xiaozheng, grandson of Chinese painting master Mu Lingfei. Under the instruction of Mr. Liu Xiaozheng, the tiger in his pen is also lifelike. There are also works by the famous Taiwanese calligrapher Xiao Qingxiang; Yang Nianyao’s landscape four screens and Liang Anlu In addition to the scorched ink sketching axis of Shen Goshou’s calligraphy banners, there are many original works by contemporary predecessors from both sides of the strait, such as Gao Ying (flowers), Bai Gengyan (landscapes), Yu Zhixue (characters), and Huang Wei (Flowers and Birds), Jia Baomin (Calligraphy), Dong Jiatian (Calligraphy)… are all rare boutiques. The second highlight is the work of Master Li Peiqing, a master of cloisonne. A dozen of Li’s works are on display this time. Among them, Li’s work “Fish Rhyme” won the 111th Strasbourg Innovation and Invention Exhibition in France The gold award for innovation, the French judges called it: The Art of Life at the Eiffel Tower! “Butterfly Dance” won the Innovation Gold Award at the 112th Strasbourg Innovation and Invention Exhibition in 2013, and “Fish Dancing Tianjiao” won the Innovation “Gold Award” at the 113th Strasbourg Repin Competition; New York International, USA Two international awards at Art Fair and World Chinese Art Exhibition (Outstanding Artistic Achievement Award). The third highlight is that the father and daughter exhibited works at the same time. Although Mr. Geng Shen is the co-chairman of the Canadian Chinese Association and a calligrapher, his father’s calligraphy skills are very impressive. In this calligraphy exhibition, Mr. Geng Shen shows his calligraphy. My daughter is even more versatile. Not only does she have a solid foundation in painting, but she also has a vivid figure sculpture. The fourth highlight is that Eastern ink painting meets Western oil paint. The Chinese paintings and oil paintings from different overseas students also show that the owner of the works attaches great importance to this exhibition.

     At the opening ceremony of the exhibition, the reporter interviewed Mr. Xing Jiyuan, the planner of this event, the co-chairman of the Canadian Federation of Chinese Associations, and the president of the Canadian Strait Cultural Exchange Foundation. Mr. Xing Jiyuan introduced to us during his busy schedule. : “Today’s exhibition is the first stop of the “Long Ten Years of Wind and Rain, Careful Hometown Feelings of Canada”, entrusted by Mr. Han Jialiang, Executive Chairman of the Association of Hometowns. This exhibition mainly includes Chinese youth and Chinese The works and collections of some calligraphers, painters and collectors living in Canada, as well as some painters and collectors residing in Canada. Later, during the Double Ninth Festival, the “Daiyue Bagui and the Elders” will be co-sponsored by the Guangxi Association of Canada, the Qilu Association of Canada and the Elderly Department of the Association “Art Career Retrospect” is the second stop of the series of activities. At the same time, a series of calligraphy and painting lectures will be held in order to enrich the amateur cultural life of the elderly during the epidemic. Finally, I sincerely thank the sole sponsor of this event “Top Property Engineering” The management group’s “strong support in terms of venue and funding, and special thanks to Dr. Gao Yaoxing, the chairman of the Canadian Strait Cultural Exchange Foundation, and Mrs. Bai Xianwen, a well-known real estate agent!” The three-day offline calligraphy and painting exhibition ended successfully. Come to watch The audience left a message and hoped that high-quality painting exhibitions could be held frequently in the future, so that we overseas Chinese can also enjoy a spiritual cultural feast.

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