Organizers: Federation of Canadian Sichuanese Associates, Council of Newcomer Organizations

Organizers: Canadian Mahjong Federation (CMF) and Fenghuayuan Association (MQA), Canadian Strait Cultural Exchange Foundation and TianJin Association of Canada.

Mahjong Competition: It will be hosted by the Canadian Mahjong Federation (CMF) and Maple Huayuan Association (MQA). The Canadian Mahjong Federation (CMF) is a federally registered non-profit organization in Canada and a full member of the International Mahjong Federation (MIL) on behalf of Canada. In 2018, Sichuan Hometown Association, Canadian Mahjong Federation (CMF) and Fenghuayuan Association (MQA) jointly organized a mahjong competition. The competition received a warm response from everyone. It is not only Sichuan fellows who love mahjong and friends from all over the motherland have participated. In our competition, everyone said that they were very enjoyable and let the wanderers overseas show off the “Chinese National Skills”. Regardless of your mahjong skills, we welcome you to participate in this mahjong contest, show off the Chinese folk style, compete with masters from all walks of life, and experience the rich cultural activities of the Sichuan Association.

Folk Customs Exhibition: It will be organized by the Canadian Strait Cultural Exchange Foundation and Tianjin Association. Our series of wonderful folk customs exhibitions will not only make you healthy, but also improve your mind and relax your mind and body. The 2020 epidemic has made life extremely difficult for people all over the world, because isolation also hinders normal communication and many activities for everyone. This event will become a bridge to promote exchanges between everyone and activate cultural and sports activities in the community, especially now The new crown virus has repeatedly raged, connecting everyone online, enhancing physical and mental health, and working together to defeat the new crown virus.

Mahjong introduction: Mahjong is an important part of the treasure house of Chinese traditional culture, and its unique value can be called a national treasure. A sport that integrates intelligence, fun, and gameplay, with rich charm and connotation, long history, and strong oriental cultural characteristics. Mahjong originated from the solitaire “horse crane” of the Ming Dynasty in China. After hundreds of years of historical evolution, Mahjong has become very popular in the vast urban and rural areas of China. Its popularity involves all classes and fields of society, and has entered thousands of households, becoming the most popular in China. Large-scale and influential intellectual sports activities. As early as the 1920s, Mahjong traveled across the ocean to the United States, and then spread to Europe, Australia and other places. Now the figure of Mahjong has appeared all over the world. Among them are the spread of our Chinese, and more importantly, Mahjong itself. Due to the charm. Therefore, in April 2017, the International Mind Sports Federation announced that Mahjong has officially become a world mind sport.

Schedule of this event:

Everyone is welcome to sign up, free of charge. During the epidemic, to ensure everyone’s safety, our Mahjong game will be divided into two stages, offline and online.

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