“Daiyue Bagui Two Lao Art Retrospective Exhibition” was a complete success       On October 24, 2020, the Canadian Federation of Chinese Associations, together with Guangxi Association and Qilu Association, jointly organized the “Daiyue Bagui Two Older Art Retrospective Exhibition” and was a complete success.      Suddenly looking at the cornel from a high level, taking advantage of the Double Ninth Festival, the second stop of the “Long Ten Years of Wind and Rain, Care of the Hometown of Canada” series organized by the Federation of Chinese Associations of Canada, “Daiyue and Bagui Art” The “Retrospective Exhibition” is used to cherish the memory of two old artists in promoting the traditional culture of the Chinese nation and their efforts and dedication to Canadian multiculturalism!       Due to the new crown epidemic, the exhibition is divided into two parts, online and offline. In the beautiful piano melody on Saturday afternoon, the opening ceremony of the painting exhibition hosted by Yang Baofeng, co-chairman of the Association of Hometowns and President of the Beijing Association, opened slowly…At the opening ceremony, Mr. Han Jialiang, Executive Chairman of the Association of Hometowns, Canada Strait Hu Hedi, Secretary-General of the Cultural Exchange Foundation , Mr. Geng Shen, Co-Chairman of the Association of Hometowns, Li Zhenli, Senior Minister of the Association of Hometowns, Luo Huaishu, Executive Chairman of the Association of Xinjiang, Ding Baojiu, Vice-Chairman of the Qilu Association , and relatives and friends of the two old artists. Delivered passionate speeches respectively.

Yang Baofeng, the Federation of Canadian Chinese Associations presided over the opening ceremony

Mr. Han Jialiang, Executive Chairman of the Federation of Canadian Chinese Associations

Mr. Geng Shen, Executive Chairman of the Federation of Canadian Chinese Associations

Hu Hedi, Secretary General of the Canadian Straits Cultural Exchange Foundation

Senior Minister Li Zhenli

Luo Huaishu, Executive Chairman of Xinjiang Association

Ding Baojiu, Vice President of Qilu Hometown Association

      After the opening ceremony, everyone watched the calligraphy and painting works of the two old people and their friends before they were alive and discussed the historical significance and artistic value of the works on display.
      In this event, in addition to the works of Geng Bin and Bai Chongli, there are also calligraphy and Danqing by masters such as Zhang Ding, Han Meilin, Tao Rurang, Jiang Weisong, Yang Shuo, and Guo Zhiguang.      For this exhibition, Consul General Han Tao of the Chinese Consulate in Toronto sent a congratulatory letter, and Canadian Parliamentarians Chen Shengyuan, Dong Hanpeng, provincial councillor Ke Wenbin, city councilors Amanda Yeung, Chen Zhihui, He Hujing, etc. all sent congratulatory letters to wish the exhibition a success. Some members of the community came to watch the works of the artists.

Zhang Ding , Dean of Central Academy of Art and Design

Works of Mr. Han Meilin     In addition, during the telephone connection with the curator of the event, Mr. Gao Yaoxing, the chairman of the Canadian Strait Cultural Exchange Foundation, and Mr. Xing Jiyuan, the co-chairman of the Canadian Federation of Hometown Associations, we were entrusted many times to sincerely thank Fang Qigang, the Guangxi Hometown Association. Mr. Sun Shanqin, President of the Qilu Association, and Mr. Shen Yi, President of the Canadian Tianjin Federation of Industry and Commerce, gave their strong support to this exhibition. Special thanks to Mr. Zhang Yige, President of Top Property Engineering Management Group (Top Kids Education Center), for his sponsorship and support! 

Mr. Bai Chongli

      Mr. Bai Chongli (1930-2018) was born in Guilin, Guangxi. He was called Lao Bai. He graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts Department of Applied Fine Arts in 1954, and then stayed on to teach at the school. At the same time, he studied under the famous flower and bird painter Tian Shiguang as a graduate student in Chinese painting. In 1956, the government sent a student to study dyeing and weaving art and fashion design and crafts at the Prague Institute of Industrial Art and Design in Czechoslovakia.
In 1961, Mr. Bai Chongli returned to China after graduation and taught in the Department of Dyeing and Weaving of Central Academy of Arts and Crafts (now Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts) for more than 30 years. In addition to teaching and educating people, writing and prescribing, Mr. Bai has never given up his pursuit and creation of the beauty of Chinese painting. After retiring, Mr. Bai held solo exhibitions in the Czech Republic where he studied in his early years and Canada where he lived in his later years to promote Chinese culture and promote multicultural exchanges.
Before his death, Mr. Bai Chongli was a member of the Chinese Artists Association, a member of the All-China Society of Aesthetics, a professor at the Central Academy of Art and Design, and the first head of the clothing department of the Central Academy of Art and Design. Think far away!

Mr. Geng Bin

Geng Bin (1938-2017), a native of Huantai, Shandong, member of Chinese Calligraphers Association, consultant of Jinan Calligraphers Association, founding director of Painting and Calligraphy Exchange Branch of Association for Cross-Strait Relations, Vice President of Shandong Zhongshan Painting and Calligraphy Institute, Art Consultant of Xizhi Painting and Calligraphy Institute . Served as a director of Shandong Calligraphers Association and Vice Chairman of Jinan Calligraphers Association.
He was invited to participate in the International Orchid Pavilion Pen Conference, International Book Exhibition, Cross-Strait Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition, South Korea and China Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition; works were selected by “Chinese Calligraphy and Painter”, “Korea-Chinese Calligraphy and Calligraphy Art Exchange”, “Dictionary of Contemporary Chinese Calligraphers”, and “Modern Chinese Calligraphy Circle” “Dictionary of Names”, “Collection of Contemporary Chinese Calligraphy Works”, “Master of Contemporary Calligraphy Art”, “Collection of National Calligraphy and Artists Invitation Exhibition Collection”, “Collection of Works of Famous Painting and Calligraphy Works on Both Sides of the Taiwan Strait”. In 2004, he went to Japan to exchange calligraphy and painting. In 2015, the Carrousel Exhibition Hall of the Louvre in France, as an invited artist of the 5th East-West Dialogue and Urban Cultural Exchange Exhibition, made a brilliant appearance. In 2016, he held a solo painting and calligraphy exhibition of “Melting the Past and Casting the Present, Impressive and Maple Love” in Toronto, Canada.

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