On November 11, 2020, and the National Memorial Day of Canada, the Council of Newcomer Organizations, the Canadian Strait Cultural Exchange Foundation, and the Canadian Tianjin Association jointly hosted a “Special Lecture to Commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the Victory of the World Fascist War”. This special lecture was hosted by Xing Jiyuan, the co-chairman of the Canadian Federation of Chinese Associations, and was given by Dr. Gao Yaoxing, who graduated from the University of Toronto in his early years.
       The Second World War is an unforgettable history. The regularization, research and sharing of cultural relics not only contribute to the preservation and restoration of historical facts, but also has the meaning of preventing the reignition of fascism.      Han Jialiang, executive chairman of the Federation of Chinese Associations, explained the purpose of the event at the beginning of the lecture, hoping to deepen the Chinese compatriots’ attention to related history, and also urge Canadian compatriots of all ethnicities to cherish the memory of their predecessors for freedom and peace Dedication. Make clear the past and be wary of future generations. Only by remembering history and not forgetting the past can the sun of peace warm every inch of the land.

Xing Jiyuan, co-chairman of the Council Of Newcomer Organizations presided over the meeting

Lecture by Dr. Gao Yaoxing

Han Jialiang, Executive Chairman of the Council Of Newcomer Organizations

Dr. Gao Yaoxing first outlined Canada’s role in the anti-fascist struggle during World War II, such as the European air battle in the early days of World War II, the defense of Hong Kong in 1941, the Battle of Dieppe in 1942, the Battle of Italy in 1943, and the Normandy landing in 1944. , Canadian soldiers have made outstanding contributions. He then gave a brief introduction to the life of Doctor Bethune. After that, the Japanese invaders’ swords, handwritings of generals, combat plans, portable diaries, military maps of battles and large and small battles; to the equipment, letters and documents of the Allied Forces to aid China… these are rare cultural relics that are usually rare and carry heavy memories. There seemed to be endless stories, one by one came alive, so that the participants seemed to be in that period of history and felt the dangers of the war more deeply.
       In the lecture, Dr. Gao presented three historical documents from Japan, aiming to illustrate: The Chinese theater is not only an important page in the World War II, a world anti-fascist war, but also a battle for the survival of the Chinese nation. Many unsung heroes died bravely and generously! Especially in the enemy-occupied areas behind enemy lines led by the Communist Party of China as the backbone, in addition to effectively containing many Japanese forces, they also continued to cause the invaders to consume their vigor and resources. Today, for nearly a century, we examine the past history from a new perspective, and we will be more responsible for our ancestors and younger generations.

       After the lecture, one of the organizers, Mr. Wang Anping, the chairman of the Canadian Tianjin Association, Sister Yang Baofeng, and Mr. Geng Shen, co-chairs of the Canadian Chinese Association, all gave wonderful speeches. Participating in the online seminar today are Ms. Zhang Jie, co-chairman of the Association of Hometowns, Zhou Zhijun, Secretary General of the Canadian Chinese Association, Liu Xi, President of the Sichuan Association of Canada, Ms. Huang Lan, President of the Jiangxi Association of Canada, and Seniors Department of the Association of Hometowns Sister Li Zhenli, the minister, and nearly a hundred people from all walks of life. After more than two hours of discussion and interaction between the host, presenter, and participants, the lecture ended successfully. More than 50 historical documents and real objects were displayed in this event. The organizer stated that in response to requests, it will consider sharing some historical materials in the form of electronic files to increase public interest and understanding of the history of the anti-fascist war.

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