The elderly are always a group that needs attention. Respecting and caring for the elderly are our traditional Chinese virtues. The Federation of Chinese Canadian Associations of Chinese Associations often organize various activities to care for the elderly before 2020. Due to the epidemic caused by the new crown virus this year, under government regulations, they can only stay at home, but the care for the elderly is not due to The epidemic stopped.

On July 18th, the Association of the same towns worked together in the directly affiliated units, and organized and completed a series of lectures on anti-epidemic and anti-abuse of the elderly, funded by the Canadian Federal Government, specially designed for the elderly in the community. There are as many as 100 volunteers and elderly members of the Association of the same towns who organized and participated in the lecture. Everyone is organized in an orderly manner, both online and offline, and used various modern communication methods to solve many technical bottlenecks during the epidemic. The elderly have learned a lot about the preventive measures against the new crown epidemic, as well as the ways to deal with various real-life problems of elder abuse, and they also enjoyed a unique art performance on the Internet. 

The lecturer of this epidemic prevention course is the Chinese immigrant teacher Jiang Meizhen who has more than ten years of work experience in the public health and medical care departments; in the theme lecture on anti-elder abuse, the Association of the same towns specially invited the famous overseas Chinese society leader Chen Bingding and Ontario Han Yuxia of the government employment and social welfare agency.         

A particularly eye-catching tidbit of this event is: Chairman Zhu Jiang, as a famous host of the Chinese radio station, and Yang Baofeng of the Beijing Association as a guest guest of the lecture, and Secretary Xing Jiyuan, who was originally in charge of filming, took the first The host’s microphone was set up, and throughout the lecture, the speakers and guests quoted quizzes and witty words, which won unanimous praise from the online audience!

Every event of the Chinese Association is inseparable from the organization and planning of the organizer. I sincerely thank the senior volunteers of the Association for participating in the planning of this event: President Han Jialiang, Sister Li Zhenli, President Liu Xi, Father and Daughter Liu Xi, Xu Jing, Luo Huaishu , Geng Shen, Hu Jiangfeng and his daughter; Special thanks to Xie Feng, President of D & H who provided venue support for this event!

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