On January 27, the Canadian Federation of Chinese Associations successfully held the second New Year festival, which lasted one day. About four thousand Chinese and other ethnic groups participated in this event. Other attendees included: Consulate General of the Chinese Deputy in Toronto: Wu Dong-Mei, Zhong Hong, Consul Xiaoguang, Chairman of the Federation of Chinese Organizations Toronto Wei Chengyi.

The annual Toronto Chinese festival at the temple has become a desirable thing. The weather this year was favourable. Despite the changing cold weather outside, the day of the festival was met with clear and sunny skies. Shortly after 11 am, people came from all over the GTA. From the outside, the Temple looked busy. Inside, the venue was filled with voices. Ribbon lanterns were tall, colorful balloons were flying, laughter floated across the room: the scene of the New Year!

At noon, the multifunction hall sounded Gangnam Style. Group dance performances opened the show. I heard the sound of cheering. The head of the Federation of the Association wished the folks back home and the Canadian residents a Happy New Year.  With the balloon slowly rising, we hoped that the overseas Chinese who travel across oceans and find their home. Wu Dong-Mei Deputy Consul represented the country in the presence of patrons, extending his greetings and good wishes to the overseas Chinese.

What followed were colorful theatrical performances, art groups and performers who took to the stage. These brilliant performances were awarded with applause and cheer after cheer. There were more than 40 different styles of shows to the amusement of the audience. With wonderful stage performances and a crowded audience, all types of businesses also displayed their work. Colourful stalls and merchandise assortment filled every corner of the venue. At the most popular snack stalls, an endless flow of people rushed to taste. Delicacies from Shaanxi and Beijing instantly sold out. In addition, a large number of prizes rewarded from the lucky draw filled the audience with surprise and joy.

The second floor activity area was quite different. Free art exhibitions attracted a lot of participation from art lovers. Photography, painting and calligraphy covered each stand, where people went to be submersed in art. Four calligraphers performed live, which attracted a large number of visitors. These four carried their pen in hand and wrote couplets for their patrons. They also decorated the ground and the wall with red couplets which improved the aesthetic of celebration in the venue.

The riddle area was also busy. Patrons guessed the answers to riddles, which attracted a large number of onlookers and guessing enthusiasts.

The recreational area was a paradise for children. More than ten kinds of prizes were rewarded. Kids were provided entertainment and organizers bought all kinds of small gifts for children that filled the tables. There were some predictable prizes like cartoons and stuffed animals. These encouraged kids to participate more in the games. 

We wish all those who visited the temple a Happy New Year. This New Year festival was organized by the Canadian Federation of Chinese Association to bring joy to thousands of people and to increase solidarity in the Chinese community in Toronto. We would also like to thank all the workers behind the activities, the organizers, the businesses, the help provided by all the sectors of the media, the hundreds of volunteers and the wonderful art performances. Until next year!
(More photos below on the album. Photography: Eric Chan, Huang Yuping, Qi)

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