Record of Overseas Chinese Roots-Seeking Trip: Summer Camp in Sichuan (2015)

From July 22 to August 1 2015, 180 Chinese youth from around the world gathered in the Bashu Culture Center: the epicenter for explorations in rich cultural heritage in Chengdu, Sichuan. Of Toronto, 20 campers attended. The ten-day summer camp was compact, colourful and deeply worthwhile.

This camp was organized by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council and Sichuan Provincial People’s Government. The Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Sichuan took the event very seriously. Culture and Education Publicity Department Director Yang, Deputy Director Zhang Jing, Zhong Lin, teacher Li Tingting, Fu Yongsheng and Doctor Wu took care of the camp food, shelter and all cultural aspects of learning. Not only that, they provided continual care for the campers.

Campers learning the Bashu culture practiced calligraphy, visited the Silk Brocade Museum, the Jinsha Site Museum and enjoyed the cultural atrefacts of the Prachuab millennium. They also learned about odd Prachuab customs, went Mount Emei, and participated in a Leshan Giant Buddha worship service. They traveled to Dujiangyan Qingcheng Mountain to see the beautiful mountains and rivers. They also partook in Qingcheng martial arts training, learned about the Yingxiu earthquake ruins and the ancient marks of Bashu.

Bashu cuisine needs a heavy wipe to remove its traces. The Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Sichuan considered that since most campers were not suited to the spicy Sichuan cuisine, they intentionally arranged light, mild dishes. Whether the hotel buffet or a restaurant along the way, food destinations were carefully planned so that campers were not only fed well, but so that they enjoyed authentic Sichuan cuisine.

Ten days from morning till evening, Chinese youth from different countries forged deep friendships. They started to get to know each other starting at Shihai. Since they all had common Chinese roots, they quickly found common ground and began an intimate exchange thereafter. At the closing ceremony, the Canadian campers presented a handmade “Dragon take off” to the Sichuan Provincial Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the leaders, to express gratitude to the organizers for their hard work. The Arts Festival’s closing ceremony of the summer camp was the event’s climax and provided a memorable painting to a perfect end.

To separate is to get together again! Campers were full of gratitude and pride of their nationality. They will send a great message to the new generation of the Chinese young!

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