Roots-Seeking Trip to Shaanxi – Feel the Hantang Culture! (2015)

19 campers and two teachers along with nearly 200 Chinese students and teachers from the Czech Republic, the United States, the Netherlands, Finland, Switzerland and other countries:

Together, they visited the Shaanxi History Museum, Terracotta Warriors Museum, Huaqing Pool, Chakpori Hill, Regulus Huangdi, the Yellow River Hukou, the ancient Chinese Taiwan Hanzhong, Xi’an ancient city wall and the College gate, Mian Temple and an array of other historical attractions. They participated in the military ceremony, the Fairview Yaozhou Hanfu rite, watched the large musical history “Everlasting Regret,” visited Yuanjiacun in Xianyang City and experienced Shaanxi folk culture. They got a taste of farm vegetables and participated in the HKC oral Chinese Language training and testing. These activities deepened the campers’ understanding of Chinese history and culture.


Leadership Camp Flag granted by Shaanxi Province


Our Roots


Hukou Waterfall


Tour of the ancient city wall in Xi’an


Watching the disciples meeting


My Chinese clothes, my instruments


Chinese clothing – Wu Xun

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