The Canadian Federation of Chinese Association will sponsor the “Celebrate Chinese New Year Together Toronto” for the 2016 Year. The preparatory work has been officially launched. The activities are scheduled for 11:00am on January 30, 2016. Location still remains 105 Gibson Drive, Markham L3R 3K7. The entire interior measures about 47,000 square feet of event space. In the past, the 2015 Chinese New Year saw thousands of patrons. Such peak attendance is projected for this Annual Meeting.

The Friendship Association was established in 2011. Since each Spring Festival of the Chinese New Year, we have hosted an annual public celebration. This celebration enables the Toronto Chinese to immerse themselves in a lively festive atmosphere and celebrate the Chinese New Year with fellow Torontonians. Not long ago, the President of the Friendship Association ordered the 26 Associations to convene for the preparations of the Annual Meeting. They engaged in the meticulous planning and preparatory work of the festival. This New Year will be another exciting opportunity to greet folks in celebration of the New Year.

Our live show features a breadth of theatrical performances. Dozens of various Associations will run cultural booths with local snacks. 120 stalls will surround the performance center. Folk culture and art galleries will showcase their art. There will be a live calligrapher writing couplets and inscriptions with an ink brush for visitors. The children’s playground, children’s entertainment and prizes will keep the kids busy. There will be opportunities for exchange for seniors. Riddles, draws and auctions add to the fun and lucky patrons will take home a special prize.

Such a large public event would not be possible without the support of the community. We hope that we will continue to receive your charity for supporting our business and cause. We welcome advertising sponsorship and donations for prizes and auction sponsorship. Each booth fee is $70. One should contact their Association for registration or apply directly to the business group. Since there is a limited number of stalls, we run on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Contact Information:

Funding for Sponsorship: Yu Ying (416) 917-7688,

Theatrical performances: Yang Shen ( ) Yang Baofeng (416) 727-9990

Prizes, Gifts, Auction Sponsor: Tang Jia: (647) 975-9136

Booth Application: WENDY LANG (416) 882-3322, (647) 292-1758 ( )

Art and Culture Exhibition: Zhang Shi Yun (416) 318-5857

Volunteer Registration: He Liping (647) 309-4899

Contact: He Liping, Tang Jia, Yang Ying Gang (416) 616-5888,

Friendship Association Email:

Friendship Association website:


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