Shandong Yantai Regroupment Camps: Introduction


“China Roots-Seeking” Summer Camp is carried out jointly by the State Council Overseas of Chinese Affairs and the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Shandong Province. This program is intended to re-acquaint overseas Chinese with Chinese culture. “Roots” is the theme. In this trip, we want to expose the overseas Chinese youth to Chinese traditional culture – specifically the Yantai Qilu culture. This summer camp allows overseas Chinese youth to experience Qilu culture, Shandong culture, Shandong environment and the Shandong Peninsula. We help the youth recognize the achievements of the province and opportunities for improvement, increase their awareness of Yantai, enhance their cultural nostalgia and affection for Shandong and gain a deeper sense of their Chinese cultural identity and pride. Activities are split into two parts from July 24 – August 1 (Yantai learning exchange) and August 2-5 (Jinan friendship exchanges with other camps).

II.Organizers: the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office

III. Sponsor: Shandong Provincial People’s Government Affairs Office

IV. Co-Organizer: Yantai City Foreign Affairs Office

V. Time: July 24, 2016 – August 5 2016 (13 days)

VI. Location: Yantai and urban counties, Jinan

VII. Scale: About 100 people (Friendship Association has 20 places);

VIII. Participant Eligibility: Ages 12-18: in good health, there is a certain basse of overseas Chinese youth.

IX. Main activities:

☆ Chinese Culture Experience

By visiting Chinese educational bases, we will learn Chinese, how to play traditional Chinese musical instruments, Chinese calligraphy and Chinese martial arts in order to further enhance our understanding of Chinese traditional culture.

☆ Exchange student gathering

Through exchanges between local students and campers, there is an opportunity to deepen friendships and demonstrate one’s talents and special skills.

X. Cost Registration fee: $ 100 / person

Accommodation costs to be borne by firms and the Yantai organizer. International flights to and from Yantai & other travel expenses to be covered by the parents/individual.

XI. Registration Information:

We are accepting registration ↓↓↓

Application Form
Attached: Yantai Camp Schedule
Theme activities
July 24
Registration day
Campers gather, report attendance
Take care of necessary business, gain familiarity with the environment
July 25
Opening ceremony, group photo, placement learning: Chinese Learning course /  Chinese calligraphy
Chinese Pottery Culture Experience / Chinese Folk Dance / Chinese Martial Arts
July 26
History of scienceExplore Tours
Visit national sites – Changyu Wine Culture Museum,
Polaris Clock Museum
Tour Yantai city landmark – Yantai Mountain resort
Visit China’s only source of nuclear power in Shandong Science and Technology Museum
Visit the Museum of Natural History in Yantai
July 27
Chinese Paper Cutting / Silk Production / Painting
Chinese Folk Dance / Chinese Martial Arts/ Foreign Culture /
July 28
Meet Wonderland
Tour Penglai fairyland, Eight Immortals
Tour Penglai Ocean Polar World, views of the ocean, theater performances
July 29
Fun learning
Visit Yantai Youth Palace, interest group activities:
Magic, pottery, paper cutting, martial arts, painting, dance
Yantai visit museums, interest group activities:
painting fan, analog archeology, stone rubbings, prepared Chinese knot, movie viewing history
Peking Opera
July 30
Into the martial arts village
Visit top ten Chinese Martial Arts School – Laizhou Chinese military school, learning Chinese martial arts
Learning/Watching Chinese Martial Arts
July 31
Chinese Culture Experience
Chinese and Foreign cultures  / Chinese Calligraphy Learning / Peking Opera / Painting
Chinese folk songs and enjoy Concerts / Origami Experience /
Shandong cultural lectures / Jiaodong pasta production experience
August 1
Dance Yangko
Visit Haiyang mine warfare Memorial, watch the “mine warfare” large-scale live performance, China Intangible Cultural Heritage – Haiyang Yangko Appreciation and Experience
Reporting of results show, campers summary, reflections, survey
August 2
Go build Jinan
Report, free shopping
August 3
Springs Tour
Visit Provincial Museum, the provincial Science and Technology Museum, Baotu Spring, Black Tiger Spring, Daming Lake.
Leader to hold a meeting in the evening, the opening ceremony rehearsal
August 4
Build ceremony
Held the opening ceremony and Overseas Chinese Youth Talent party
Campers participate in overseas Chinese education in Gymnasiums Qaida cultural, Recreational sports activities
August 5
End of a pleasant journey
Scattered groups, feeding station
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