Where to go for Chinese New Year? To Markham Gibson Community Centre at 11:00am on January 30 2016! The Canadian Federation of Chinese Association will host the 2016  Celebration of the Chinese New Year. Activities will take place here. We predict this event to be one of joy and jubilation, where you can not only experience the lively atmosphere of the New Year but also enjoy foods from across the country and the many cultural programs with local charms. The elderly and children, old and new immigrants, foreign students and residents can all partake in the fun of the New Year Annual Meeting.On January 11, the Canadian Federation of Chinese Associations held a press conference at the Gibson Centre to discuss the preparations for the New Year Annual Meeting. They addressed activities, developments of the community, sponsor representatives, the 26 represented provinces, municipalities, leaders of the associations, volunteers and media references. More than 100 people attended this conference.

Ms. Yu Ying, President of the Friendship Association extended her New Year greetings to the participants and briefly introduced the developments of the Friendship Association. Since the Friendship Association’s inception, they have been committed to the construction of the Chinese community and cultural activities to promote Chinese culture and ethnic traditions. Since 2011, during the Spring Festival, this Association has sought to host large-scale public events for the Chinese in Toronto. Thus far, these efforts have enabled the Chinese to experience a deep sense of nostalgia in tandem with the Lunar New Year, bringing a festive, positive spirit to the younger generation and promoting Chinese social developments.

Our title sponsor Chairman of the Wealth of Life Luo Liangzhi on behalf of the manager Chen Qin gave a warm speech and expressed her hope for the availability of opportunities to bring together the overseas Chinese in order to build a more dynamic and cohesive community, consistent with the company’s values. The Wealth of Life in Canada started in seven large cities and such rapid development is due in large part to the contributions and support from the broad masses of Chinese friends who were willing to take part in the New Year Annual Meetings and the donations of fellow community members eager to contribute to community development.

Theatrical performance is an important part of the Annual Meeting. The Chairman of the Beijing Association Yang Baofeng and the President of the Hubei Association Yang Shen Jieshao prepare the cultural programs. The Annual Meeting will host performances that highlight the traditional character and culture of local China. In order to ensure the quality of performances, auditions will be held at Splendid China at 13:00 to 6:00 on January 16. We welcome literary professionals and art lovers to participate. (To participate in the audition program, you must register in advance. For the audition, bring the songs needed for musical accompaniment).

Inner Mongolia Association Chairman Pang Il, Chairman of the Xinjiang Association Zhu Jiang, Jiangxi Association and President Chung Hing introduced the progress of each project.

Pang said that more than 100 stalls are ready for businesses and more than 90 have been reserved. Because these activities/services belong to the public domain, the booth fee is $70 and has a very high commercial publicity value. Booth businesses can register in their Association or apply directly to the business group.

Zhu Jiang said that the Annual Meeting not only offers a variety of recreational attractions like the trampoline and bouncy castle; there will also be many prizes distributed to the kids. Zhu Jiang called on the responsible personnel to supply prizes and gifts for kids. These large-scale public welfare events would not be possible without the support of the community. We hope that our charities continue to receive attention and support from businesses and we welcome advertising sponsorship, prize donations and auction sponsorship.

Zhongxiang spoke on the parking experience last year, saying that this year the government applied for 1000 spots in parking. Since we are located next to a church, we are assured plenty of parking spaces, amply sufficient for you to join us.

Li Dong, President of the Liaoning Association revealed during our meeting for the New Year that we will be screening “Under Siege” and “The Flames of Eternal Life” for the audience, two old films a duration of 4 hours. These films were chosen with the intent of recreating and re-experiencing the golden age of cinema.

Finally, Yu Ying commented that we will always continue to focus on the development of Canadian social hotspots. She hopes that more folks would be willing to be involved, volunteer, advertise or provide community services for the New Year Annual Meeting. The Friendship Association is not a small congregation of a few aggregates but the Chinese community’s most dedicated consortium, using the power of passion and love to benefit our communities. We aspire to host the largest and most colourful social events, pay tribute to the Chinese Holiday festivals and to express our warmest wishes to our Chinese friends. I wish you a safe and happy Spring festival.

Friendship Association Email: tongxiangcc@gmail.com
Friendship Association Website: www.conco.ca


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