2016-01-04 Canadian Federation of Chinese Association

“Celebrate Chinese New Year Together Toronto”: the annual Chinese New Year get-together for the 2016 New Year hosted by the Canadian Federation of Associations. There is expected to be ten thousand patrons present to celebrate the New Year. Such a large-scale public event provides good publicity and promotional opportunities for businesses. The event also holds the prospect of gaining new support and sponsorship. Please refer to the following business items:

1) $70 for each booth. A hundred dozen stalls, while supplies last. Please indicate at the time of registration booth name/use including electricity, company name (if the unit is used), contact name, phone and email address. For registration contact: Pang Li, SMS Phone: 647 292 1758. Email registration: booth2016@hotmail.com

2) Sponsorship Ads supported: the Annual Meeting will provide patrons thousands of brochures, size A4, colored copperplate. A full-sized promotion for your sponsorship is 1,000 yuan; half is 600 yuan. 1/4 size is 300 yuan. Cover page price is negotiable.

3) Title Sponsor: Annual Meeting has been sponsored by Wealth Management Limited. In addition to the business, you can include the title sponsor of the project i.e. for arts and culture world exhibits. You can also include the title banner of the business, set up stalls and advertise prices 1000-1200 according to the advertising space provided.

4) Raffle Tickets: Annual meeting has several lottery projects. Awards will be generated in the end. Raffle tickets are $1 to support charity in the hope that participants actively purchase. Raffle tickets for thousands of businesses also provide a good publicity opportunity. Printed advertising is negotiable.
Contact Email: tongxiangcc@gmail.com Contact: Han Zhiwei (416) 278-598

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