China Roots-Seeking Trip – Nanjing
Nanjing Camp Introduction

To enhance the overseas Chinese youth’s awareness of their home country, to increase interest and knowledge of Chinese culture, to promote communication at home and abroad with other young people and to promote the Chinese culture: Nanjing People’s Government Affairs Office will host a China Roots-Seeking Summer Camp on July 25 – August 5th. We invite all overseas Chinese and Hong Kong adolescents to take part in this cultural venture.
We want to adhere to the philosophy of closeness to the local culture, which is where the idea of “Roots-Seeking Program” was birthed. Chinese youth will get a chance to come close with Nanjing culture and the history of the Yangtze River.

Cultural fusion: We will check out Nanjing Youth Olympic Cultural Education sites, learn calligraphy, painting, martial arts, folk art, paper cutting, pottery, tea, reading and other special cultural activities. National writer Wang Yimei’s book “A Grove ” is dedicated an outstanding creative educational work among children’s books. It won the 2014 “Bing Xin book Award.” Nanjing students will participate in team building activities, participate in spectacular camp fun, make Chinese friends and promote community.
Close to the local culture: We will visit the beautiful countryside, take part in cultivation and breeding activities, carry out a series of cultural experience activities, traverse into the national forest park, carry out field investigation activities and visit the farm to experience farm life.
Nanjing Culture: We will pay respects to Sun Yat-sen, visit the Nanjing Museum, the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall, Exhibition Hall of Red Mansions, the Confucius Temple, Jinghai Temple, Zheng He Memorial, Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum, Ming City Wall, the Presidential Palace, learn the Nanjing idioms related to culture, read poetry and explore the “six dynasties” and “ten dynasties” in their historical context.
A taste of the Yangtze River: We will stroll Pukou marshland, estuary Wetland Park West tour, the Yangtze River Basin, recite poetry at the Yangtze and chant songs of the Yangtze River. The mother river protection group will carry out public environmental protection activities.
Activity time:
July 25, 2016 – August 5 (a total of 12 days, July 25 Daily News, August 5 San Camp)
Group size:
Conventional Culture Camp: 21 people (total size 100)
Campers requirements:
Born between 1 January 1998 to 31 December 2004 (12-18 years), healthy. There are a strong self-care resources for overseas Chinese youth.

Activity Instructions:
1. Accommodation, transportation, tours, excursions and other activities to be arranged by the organizers (2-3 people per room with air-conditioning, sanitation, hot water bath and other facilities, 24-hour health care teacher on duty)
2. Organizers will provide free unified camp clothes, flags and other accessories; The campers during the camp should wear the required dress and badges
3. Nanjing Overseas Chinese Affairs Office to provide a pick-up arrangements for each group
4. All campers and their guardians and the leader are required to sign a “parental consent” form, “camper” form and “leader” form when the report by the leader of the payment is retained
5. The parents do not participate in summer camp activities but are welcome to watch Nanjing open-camp type activities

About costs:
1. Application fee of $ 100/person. Deposit: $80/person. If for personal reasons, you can not participate the camp, fee will not be refunded.
2. The team leader and campers are responsible for the expenses during the Shanghai event including accommodation, meals, transportation, tickets, learning, communication, travel accident insurance borne by the organizers
3. Medical expenses, personal expenses to be accounted for by the individual

Registration Information:

Organizer: There are a few places available, please use the following link ↓↓↓↓

July 25
Day: Campers arrive to Nanjing, gather in their camp arrangements, participate in adaptability training
July 26
Morning: Opening ceremony, Lotus Garden tour
Afternoon: Visit the Xingzhi Health and World Exhibition, Military model Museum, Pottery
July 27
Morning: Pay respects to Sun Yat-sen
Afternoon: Visit Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall
Night: Tour the Confucius Temple, Qinhuai Gourmet taste
July 28
Morning: Visit the beautiful campus, guidance course
Afternoon: Nanjing Youth Olympic Team Building activities
Night: Dinner
July 29
Morning: Martial arts, reading activities, tea
Afternoon: Folk arts, paper cutting, calligraphy, Chinese painting
Night: Watch outdoor movies  
July 30
Day trips: Laoshan Forest Park, Dam, Ecological Park
Night: Country Music show
July 31
Morning: Tour Wujiang Xiang Yu shrine
Afternoon: Visit Rain Mountain Cultural park
Night: All ages Tao
August 1
Morning: Meeting with the author Wang Yimei
Afternoon: Culture class in folk art, paper cutting, calligraphy, Chinese painting (packet)
Night: Story
August 2
Morning: Tour of the city wall, Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum
Afternoon: Visit Nanjing Museum
Night: Supermarket, bookshop
August 3
Morning: Visit the Presidential palace, Dream of the Red Mansions
Afternoon: Tour at the Temple, visit the Zheng He Memorial
Evening: Leisure
August 4
Morning: Strong Yangtze Wetland Park, carry out public environmental projects to protect the river
Afternoon: Summer Camp debrief, exchange activities
Night: Closing ceremony and evening campfire
August 5
Morning: Breakfast
Afternoon: Head to the airport and return home
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