National Fitness Day and the Fifteenth Anniversary Celebration of Hebei Association

In Toronto this beautiful summer, we will usher in Hebei Canadian Association’s 15th anniversary. To celebrate the moment and to benefit the unity of the Canadian Association of Hebei, this event will be sponsored by the Canadian Federation of Chinese Associations, Canadian Association of Hebei contractors, Mississauga Chinese Arts Troupe and Wu Jiawen Boxing Center Co. We invited a number of influential social groups to participate in the “National Fitness Day and Hebei Association of Canada 15th Anniversary” to be held in the beautiful lakeside city of Mississauga, Ontario.


Time: August 21, 2016 // 1:30pm -4:30pm (Sunday)
Location: Clarkson Community Center, 2475 Truscott Dr, Mississauga, ON L5J 2B5
The event of “fitness” is the theme to promote “mutual respect, friendship, cooperation and health.” There will be group tai chi, tai chi fan, lion dance, drums, martial arts, square dance and various cheongsam performances. We will be sure to supply a variety of programs. Events will honour and celebrate the lion, Queen Ellzabeth II and the Prime Minister of Canada. Some of these performers have performedwith Jackie Chan. In honour of the Canadian Hebei Association’s  15th anniversary, we wish every Chinese Canadian good health!

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1. Diamond sponsorship: $ 3000 onwards will receive space to promote your company inside the front cover of our book. Back cover will display a full page advertisement to your selection; MediaWall, comes with Banner4 months;
2. Gold Sponsor: $ 1500 onwards will receive space to promote your company on the full page of advertisements, comes with Banner4 months;
3. Silver Sponsor: $ 500 will receive space to promote on the half-page ad in the book, comes with a Banner2 months;
4. Proud sponsor: $ 100 comes with a Banner.
5. Individual sponsors: $ 50 and up will receive wall column name recognition.

For this celebration, we welcome all overseas Chinese entrepreneurs of all walks of life to participate in love and sponsorship.

Sponsorship and participation in Tel:
(416) 779-8751, (647) 588-2618,
(647) 248-8839, (647) 832-1568, (647)206-6618

Groups participating in the event:
Canadian Federation of Chinese Association
Canadian Association of Hebei
Mississauga Chinese Arts Troupe
Wu Jiawen boxing center
Mississauga Chinese Canadian Association of Senior Citizens
Xintiandi elderly Association
Fun elderly Association
Recreation Tai Chi
Green Red Square Dance
Club member John Hancock force
Mississauga Red Shoes
Maple elderly Association
Oakville ninety-nine Association
YMCA Tai Chi Group
Mississauga TaiChi Association

Canadian Federation of Chinese Associations was established in June 2011 to currently 27 fellow Chinese provinces and municipalities level. Its purpose and mission is to contact compatriots, provide compatriots services, promote exchanges between various Associations, engender solidarity and cooperation, unite Chinese forces in Canada and safeguard the interests of Chinese in Canada. We are aimed at promoting exchange between Canada and China’s science and technology, culture, trade and human resources. Over the years each Association has assisted each other and worked together to organize and promote a series of influential large-scale activities such as: the New Year festival, volleyball tournaments, Roots-Seeking Summer Camp, Canada’s first cultural exchange and our recent Folk Arts Festival at Niagara Falls.

The Canadian Association of Hebei Province (Hebei Association of Canada, referred to HBAC) is a non-profit, non-religious, non-political organization registered with the Government of Canada. Canadian Association of Hebei is as a link to home. These folks in Canada create a wide exchange of information and mutual benefits to live and work here. They are aimed at building a new home platform while actively interested in the support of domestic prosperity and development in Hebei. Hebei folks have helped bridge the gap in the development of Canada.

Mississauga Chinese Arts Troupe (MCAO) is a non-profit group registered by the Ontario Volunteer comprehensive performing arts groups. Its purpose is to promote Chinese culture and serve our community. This ethnic dance troupe has performed for years with professional standards, drum and vocal training. Our people and all nationalities warmly welcome you.

Wu Jiawen Boxing Center features a wide range of traditional martial arts in the Canada Pavilion which has been built for 39 years. The center is led by Wu Jiawen master, Professor different martial arts such as: Linbai He, Wing Chun, Northern Shaolin Fist dragon and lion dances etc. He has a number of areas of focus and his participants have had excellent results. The martial arts spirit flourishes.

Canadian Federation of Chinese Association
Canadian Association of Hebei
Mississauga Chinese Arts Troupe
Wu Jiawen boxing center
“National Fitness Day” Preparatory Group
July 12, 2016

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