Follow Your Footsteps: Nanjing Roots-Seeking Camp

Sun Yat-Sen: diversion from the original itinerary because the weather is too hot to visit the Nanjing Museum.


Nanjing Museum is China’s second largest museum. There are a lot greatest treasures. It is said that the first of these greatest treasures was gold (Western Han) found by a farmer who stumbled upon 20 lbs of gold while digging. This shows how important it is to dig. Often farmers have had time to dig from the front yard to the backyard.


Interested in Coins


Seriously come back to us about it.

Those extravagant pots, bowls and spoons amused me. Yesterday I read a joke called: Why read? It went like this: When you see the sunset … you often think “falling clouds and a lonely duck flying. It’s relaxing to see a total length of colour in the sky.” Instead of: “Wow! So many birds! And they’re all very beautiful. It’s great that their mother is just as beautiful!” Reading (properly) can make people’s lives better.

Heaven on pivot Square, by definition, is the center of world culture for Confucius. Walk through this arch into the Confucius Temple. I bet the kids will not notice both sides of the arch couplets all in original Qianlong. – They won’t ask me who he is now, about the Celestial Jiangshan Zhao moon and cultural atmosphere, or about the mysterious song Yun boats and the Chunqiu gentlemen or about the king of ancient and modern martial arts Master Min Li. The Spring collection is poetry and literature. Yi says: what does it matter? And so you should come back and slowly study it.


Confucius Temple is dedicated to the worship of the famous ancient Chinese thinker and educator Confucius. The Temple is a group of large-scale ancient buildings mainly surrounding the Confucius Temple. Confucius Temple, Xue Gong, Gong Yuan are composed of three buildings and covers a great area. You certainly know who they are. Too great people! According to an unofficial, the Master had a low EQ. His wife suspected he would not make money. He was also never at home so she finally divorced him. He took his students to travel around the world and left every Chinese people with the famous phrase “the only woman and villain is difficult to support.” Supporting the six Dynasties including the Ming and Qing dynasties,  aristocratic families gathered in the vicinity of the Confucius Temple, known as “Liuzhaojinfen ground.” Now as the center of the Confucius Temple, the Temple City street scenery is the most attractive place in Nanjing.


Dacheng Hall of Confucius Temple in the main hall. Many parts of China have a Confucius memorial. Qufu, his hometown, is another place where Confucius Temple is heralded for his greatness.


Master’s portrait is very nice


Imitation of bells


Tall and majestic walls protected by two large golden dragon covered the length of 110 meters long. That’s the length of the Track and Field 100 meter dash and a little more. It’s the largest in China.


Front screen wall features the Qinhuai River. Nanjing Confucius Temple has only a natural river pool as Pan – the Pan Qinhuai pool. Panchi is a half-moon pool in front of the hall and serves as an official sign for public universities.


Jiangnan Examination. It is said Jiangnan Examination in the Qing Dynasty housed 20,644 homes. There are more than a thousand buildings which covers an area of nearly 300,000 square meters. It is China’s largest imperial examination room. Can kids imagine the imperial space then? Exams three days in a row, each in their own room and boarding rooms for writing. I saw their surprised reactions: “Are they crazy?!” There is also the Imperial Exhibition. There were candidates that era who cheated (Cheat) and there are various kinds of evidence.


Besides Qinhuai River, there is the era of Qin Shi Huang (2200 years from now). Qinhuai River is the mother river of Nanjing and has a very famous history. It flourished in the south and has a literary and romantic history. It is the first Chinese historical and cultural landmark. Tang said the poet Du Mu (1200 years ago people) wrote a poem called Qinhuai Park. The first two sentences speak of a beautiful Qinhuai night “Yanlong cold moon in the water cage, sand Bells Qinhuai near the Restaurant.”


Nanjing in the Six Dynasties period (1500-1800 from now: the three hundred years through six dynasties) lived in the most famous and prosperous era, known as the world’s two major sources of classical civilization. I do not know if the kids have experienced Nanjing Jiangnan’s characteristics. A movie called “Green Snake” with a lot of beautiful scenery was shot at the Qinhuai River. Bridges, water, paper umbrella, boat sailing, waterside pavilions. . .

Absorb a lot information but also take care of the stomach:


Hearty meal



Afternoon visit to the exhibit that features the Japanese invasion of China. You will be able to feel the solemn atmosphere of the memorial hall. Although not all of you understand the history, this exhibition gives you more than just the shock of it! Heartwarming statues, memorials of the body count, the inexpressible pain depicted in photographs. . . I guess it’s difficult to refrain from using the F word to express a mood …


The figure of 3 billion is shocking! This beautiful land has been subjected to brutal massacre …… This sentence: “I am not a revengist. I do not intend to put the Japanese imperialists to shame with our blood debt owed on account of the Japanese people. However, we shall not forget the past suffering which may lead to future disaster ‘history should always bear the past in mind …


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