Follow Your Footsteps: Day 2 at Camp Nanjing

“Nanjing, Jiangsu Province & Xingzhi base” is located in Pukou District, an area of 200 acres. Its total investment is 130 million yuan and covers a construction area of 40,000 square meters. This base was established in July 1994 in Jiangsu Province. It was the first student social practice dedicated base, the earliest established. A total 300,000 students come here to experience a different life. Nanjing Xingzhi base has become a hot spot for educational reform.

Xingzhi base contains handmade collections donated by military model enthusiasts and by World War II veterans. Here, you can see, from the span of 60-80 years, various well-known warships, aircrafts, mechanized tanks and heat weapons. These models are more than 600. The Xingzhi base Astronomy Geology and Paleontology exhibition covers an area of nearly 400 square meters and is divided into the three zones of paleontology, astronomy and geology. There, they feature a mysterious meteorite from distant space, changes in fossils over millions of years, preserved dinosaur skeletons, sleek stone jade ……
Campers left early in the morning to start the day at Xingzhi base.

d2-p2All the way to the bus, the police escorted us. This is the treatment of pampered foreign guests. ☺

d2-p3250 high school students from around the world participated in the camp. Here, the Jiangsu Overseas Chinese leadership give a speech.


Xingzhi base Chairman & President Yang Ruiqing gave a speech. The “Tao” type of rural educator’s story is often found in the newspapers: graduating from college, he gave the city a favorable working environment, volunteered to be a rural primary school teacher, gave up the “promotional” opportunity to work at a grassroots organization for more than 20 years …


The leader of the whole camp, speaking on behalf of the teacher Yang Tao:

The children took the flag from the hands of the camp staff. From today, this banner will accompany the children to witness the harvest in two weeks’ time.

d2-p7Next is the representative of Chinese culture cultural performances Confucius Chung
We have an immortal name. We must make the world-renowned Kyushu admired, Confucian Quartet shine and universal benevolence joyous.
There is a great name, resounding through the world to let people know the spirit of fraternity, of Jubilee, of long history of social commitment.
There is a shiny name, the longer the more the flashier, self-improved to make progress. Let us all aspire to universal brotherhood.


d2-p9Peking Opera

d2-p10I am Baby Nanjing

d2-p11The children watch attentively. I believe children cannot fully understand these performances but they are focused in watching, which demonstrates the desire to understand the Chinese culture.


After the opening ceremony, campers toured Lin Yi Yuan, went on lotus tours and fished for crayfish. The boys are ready for the harvest!

d2-p13Really good. A small lobster.


Break children in twos and threes and they quickly make new friends.


PM: Group is doing more activities. The children set their own team name and write their own slogan.

d2-p18Well! Show off!

d2-p19Chinese written in a kind of mold: “I cannot see you, you cannot see me” very deep!



d2-p21Look at my painting!


I can see this group has a soft spot.


A group of dancers onstage.


The audience tries to keep up with the kids.


I sign my signature with confidence.

d2-p26Chinese style!

d2-p27Day ends at the base. I wonder if the children had high hopes coming into this experience. “Line is the beginning of knowledge, it is one of the line.” The children would like to know the way the line grows together. .

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