2017 Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration
Photograph by Li Jiaping
On January 28, 2017, at 12 o’clock on the New Year’s Day of the Rooster, with the drums and dances of joy,the 6th Annual Spring Festival officially opened by The Council for Newcomer Organizations!

(Executive chairman Yang Shen)
Executive chairman Yang Shen, on behalf of The Council for Newcomer Organizations, gave an opening speech and extended his most sincere greetings to all the provincial folks and overseas Chinese in Canada. I wish you good health, family happiness, work progress, and everything in the new year. Wishful! I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the associations, enterprises, media and all the volunteers who have been working hard to help the development of the Association. Yang Shen said that this year is the first year of the Spring Festival to become the statutory festival in Canada. Standing on a new starting point, the Council for Newcomer Organizations will do more things and do practical things for the Chinese community by more enthusiasm and create a better future.
Compared with previous years, this year’s stage has been adjusted to accommodate more audiences, and the sound and beauty of the dance are greatly improved. After the election, a total of 55 high-quality programs participated in the performance. Dance, singing, musical instruments, martial arts, opera, and songs included many artistic talents from Toronto. In addition to the professional art groups, various fellowships also sent a variety of colorful programs, and the unique programs received repeated applause and praise from the audience.

(singing “Tianlu”)
At present, the New Year’s Annual Meeting has become the largest celebration of the Canadian Lunar New Year. It has also become one of the most popular places for Chinese New Year. The most important event that everyone can think of during the New Year is the New Year of the Spring Festival. meeting. With memories of my hometown, I went to the New Year’s Annual Meeting to taste the sweet and sour candied haws, buy a new year painting, and smash a few Spring Festival couplets… The bustling crowd brought the tourists back to their hometowns. Although you are in Canada, you can experience the warm scene of accompanying your family to the market and the new year.

(a customer who stayed in front of the merchant booth)

(the merchant booth)
Ms. Zhao, who has immigrated to Canada for more than 20 years, said that the New Year is also the most homesick moment. When I first came to Toronto, there were very few Chinese, and there was no such strong New Year atmosphere. With the increasing number of Chinese, the New Year has become more and more “year”. This New Year celebration has been held for 6 years, and she also attended this new year celebration with her family every year. In addition to buying some Chinese new year goods, it is more important to bring the children to feel the Chinese New Year atmosphere. Let them know about the Spring Festival and understand the Chinese New Year culture. Ms. Zhao also expressed her gratitude to the Council for Newcomer Organizations.

(Children waiting in line for the game)
Tian Wu has been participating in the annual performance for four consecutive years. She said that they have performed many times in the dance group during the year, but the annual performance of the Association’s annual meeting is the most valued, from the selection of the program to the rehearsal. Individuals are very serious, whether it is action, expression, expressiveness, artistic sense, and strive to be in place, although not a professional stage, but still strive to present the highest quality performance to the parents.

(Han Jia Performance Team)
In the Cultural Hall, various works of art such as painting, calligraphy, paper-cutting, and photography have given a strong festive atmosphere.


(The paper-cut art of the New Year)

The China Root-seeking Summer Camp Photo Exhibition attracted the attention of parents. The number of visitors and consultants was endless. It is reported that the scale of the summer camp organized has increased year by year. In 2016, more than 400 Chinese-American teenagers participated.

(Looking for the Roots Summer Camp)
A large number of customer at the annual meeting are an important factor in attracting merchants. Every booth is in front of customers, so many merchants are the biggest gainers of this annual meeting. They not only get huge sales at the annual meeting, but also use this opportunity to make their brand spread greatly among the Chinese community.

(Prize riddles)

(The main venue is full)

(the merchant)
The success of the annual meeting is inseparable from a strong volunteer team. After the one-and-a-half-month preparations for the annual meeting of the Chinese New Year, the volunteers worked hard and cooperated with each other, and in a short period of time, the funds, performances, booths, logistics, security, promotion and other work were carried out in an orderly manner. All the work has been satisfactorily resolved, and a wonderful, warm and lively annual meeting was presented to the audience.

(Outdoor volunteer)
Volunteers from the Hebei Association of Canada, the Tianjin Association of Canada and the Association of Jiangxi Provinces have been responsible for outdoor parking arrangements. They braved the cold and snowy weather, stayed outside, and arranged the well-organized vehicles.

(Outdoor volunteer)

(Outdoor volunteer)
The inheritance of culture is inseparable from the support of the economy. The New Year’s Annual Meeting has been sponsored by many merchants. As a title sponsor, Fortune Life Wealth Management Co., Ltd. has supported the annual meeting for many years and provided conference venues for the preparatory group. The representative of the company also said that it will continue to support the development of the Chinese community in the future and help them to raise their wealth.
The sponsors of this annual meeting include Jialin Real Estate, Jason Li Insurance and Financial Services, Canada International Cultural Education Industry Alliance, Kunpeng Loan, Global Education, Xianshi Finance, CHAT Insurance, Wanguo Fencing, Kuanzhai Alley Culture, Yao Xiangmin, Wang Dansong, Huang Jihuang, Yinxing Pet Hospital, Li Quanhong, CIBC, Jieya Curtain, Dong Hongwei, Cai Guiming, Sweet Matching, Hailey Yang, Anna Wei Loan, Duke Bairui, Markham Credit Xu Qun and many other businesses.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Consul General of the People’s Republic of China in Toronto, Xue Bing, Senator Beard, Congressman Tan Geng, Chen Jianuo, Chen Shengyuan, Cai Baoguo, and Chen Guozhi, Huang Sumei, Li Zhenguang, Chen Zhihui, Li Guoxian and other provincial MPP and municipal councillors sent the Congratulation letters and Some attended this Celebration.

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