“Together,We Celebrate Spring Festival” The Council of Newcomer Organizations (CONCO) is composed of 29 provincial hometown associations, encompassing nearly 500,000 Chinese in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). The Annual Chinese New Year Celebration Event, hosted by CONCO, has attracted a large number of Chinese people as well as people from other ethnic groups to participate. In the past two years, the event involved more than 10,000 people per year and its impact reaches nearly 700,000 Chinese-Canadians, becoming the largest Chinese New Year celebration event in the GTA. It is now part of the unique local culture for Chinese New Year. In addition to the traditional performances, we launched a new program called “Choir Festival” to celebrate Chinese culture through organizing choirs and encouraging musical development. Thus, dozens of choirs in the GTA held a joint performance and a panel of judges comprised of music experts will choose the “Best Choir of the Year”. At the Chinese New Year celebration, there will be booths from the 29 provincial associations and various municipal organizations exhibiting local cuisines, crafts, cultures and more.
Time: Saturday February 16, 10am-6pm
Location: Gibson Center, 105 Gibson Drive Markham, ON L3R 3K7

Chinese New Year Celebration Sponsorship Levels
Title Sponsor: Respon Financial Group (Full Back Cover)
Respon Financial Group was the title sponsor of this year’s Chinese New Year Celebration. The company was founded in early 2000 by Chinese-born female entrepreneur Ziwei Liao. It is a financial investment and education group registered and approved by the Canadian government with Respon Asset Management Corp. and Respon Capital and Trading Training Center as its subsidiaries. Respon Group mainly work in the area of investment banking, private equity, land funds, personal wealth, tax planning and financial training, and successfully completed many major investment projects. Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the unique culture of the financial center allowed it to expand rapidly, which is a testament to the success of Respon’s ideas towards financial service and wealth management. Respon has become Canada’s most trusted financial services organization for investors and families alike.

Diamond Sponsor: $1500 (Full Inside Front Cover or Full Inside Back Cover)

Platinum Sponsor: $1000 (Full Page)

Gold Sponsor: $500 (Half Page)
1,Magical Taste of China & Ewest Furniture Home Inc. & Dundas Furnishing 168

2,EASSENT International Group LTD.

Silver Sponsor: $300 (Quarter Page)
1,Elite Academy School

2,The co-operators Amy Wang

3,Long Wang

Sponsorship Contact: Yige Zhang 4167286276

Annual Chinese New Year Celebration booth registration and payment instructions:

There are 120 booths in this year’s event, each offering a 2 feet by 6 feet folding table and two chairs. Catering booths must bring their own buckets, hand sanitizers and garbage bags to pass the sanitation inspection, and are responsible for cleaning up the booth site after. Food and beverage stalls must have a business license, indicate whether electricity is needed (only microwaves and induction cooker with power that does not exceed 1500 watts are permitted, open flames are strictly prohibited). Merchants and individuals are welcome to register for a booth. The booth fee is $70 on a first-come first-serve basis provided that payment has been made and there will not be any reservations. The number of booths is limited, please register and confirm payment as soon as possible. Registration will end once limit has been reached.
Please provide the following information when you register and email it to: zhtanwei2019@gmail.com

  1. Company/Individual name:
  2. Number of booths:
  3. Contact Name:
  4. Contact Number:
  5. Name of the affiliated association:
  6. Use of booths (such as selling snacks, selling goods, school counseling service, insurance, wealth management services, community services, etc.)

Booth Contact: Mr. Yang 4164330198, Mr. Wang 6474083880

Main Organizer:
Council of Newcomer Organizations

Anhui Community Association of Canada
Beijing Association of Canada
Canada Chongqing Association
Fujian Culture Exchange & Community Association of Toronto
Gansu Association of Canada
Guizhou Community Association of Canada
Guangxi Association of Canada
Hebei Association of Canada
Heilongjiang Association of Canada
The Hubei Association of Canada
Hunan Fellow Association of Canada
Hainan Association of Ontario Canada
The Henan Association Of Canada
JiangSu Association of Canada
Jiangxi Association of Canada
Jilin Association of Canada
Liaoning Association of Canada
Neimenggu Association of Canada
Ningxia Association of Canada
Qilu Association of Canada
Qinghai Association of Canada
Shaanxi Association of Canada
Shanxi Association of Toronto
Federation of Canadian Sichuanese Associates
Shanghainese Canadian Association
Tianjin Association of Canada
Xin Jiang Association of Canada
Yunnan Association of Canada
Zhejiang Association of Canada

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