2, Organizational nature:
The Canadian Xinjiang Association is a non-profit, non-political, non-religious organization.

3, Purpose and tasks:
1) Serving fellow villagers, liaising with fellow villagers in Xinjiang, promoting and enhancing exchanges, mutual assistance and cooperation between fellow villagers and enterprises in Xinjiang, and safeguarding the rights and interests of fellow villagers. Establish a list of fellow villagers in Xinjiang. Organize activities of fellow township associations. Help new immigrants settle down and find employment.
2) The Association is also committed to Canada-China bilateral cooperation, to bridge the exchanges between Canada and local organizations in Xinjiang, China, and to promote Xinjiang’s technological and economic development. Promote the exchanges of science and technology, culture, economy, trade and talents between Xinjiang and overseas. Call on all relatives and friends who have worked, lived, studied, lived in Xinjiang, or people in Xinjiang, and those who love Xinjiang to contribute to the development of Xinjiang.

4, Organization and management:
The association is composed of the Canadian General Association and several local chapters. The general meeting is managed and operated by the council. It is composed of one president, several vice presidents and several directors. The directors are elected by the general assembly. The term of office of the directors is 2 years. The president is elected by the board of directors, and the term of office of the president is 2 years. The association may set up honorary presidents, honorary directors and consultants according to the needs, recommended by the board of directors, and people with prestige or special contributions to the association are invited.
There is a professional department under the association to promote exchanges, mutual assistance and cooperation among people in the same industry.

5, Member:
The association implements an individual membership system. Anyone who has worked, lived, studied, or lived in Xinjiang, or relatives and friends of Xinjiang people, who loves Xinjiang, recognizes the constitution of the Association, and applicants who are over 18 years old can become individual members of the Association.
Obligations of members: Members are obliged to abide by the constitution of the association, implement the resolutions of the plenary meeting and the board of directors of the association,   safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the association and promote the work of the association.
The rights of members: Members have the right to participate in the election and to be elected and participate in related activities organized by the association, to make criticisms and suggestions on the work of the association, and to withdraw from the association.
Anyone who slanders the association, harms the interests of the association, violates the constitution of the association, and the circumstances are serious, may be given a warning, dismissed or even expelled from the meeting after discussion and approval by the board of directors.

6, Funding:
1) Member activity fee: on the premise of non-profitability, the organizing committee will collect activity fees from participants according to actual needs for each member activity
2) Sponsorship and donation from groups and individuals
3) Advertising sponsorship fee
4) Other income
5) Use of funds: All funds income can only be used as expenses for the activities of the Association.

7, Address: Headquartered in Toronto.

8, By-laws
1) This Articles of Association shall be implemented after being approved by the General Assembly. Amendments to the articles of association must be approved by more than half of the board of directors.
2) The termination of the association must be approved by more than two-thirds of the council to be effective.
3) All positions in this association are voluntary.

Website: http://www.xinjiangcanada.com/index.html

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