The Shanxi Association of Canada is a non-profit organization headquartered in Toronto and has offices in China.

The goals of the Canadian Shanxi Association are:
Serve the vast number of Shanxi folks who travel to Canada; promote the unity and friendship of Shanxi folks with all ethnic groups and associations through organizing and participating in various community activities; promote the traditional Chinese culture and strengthen the contact with folks around the world and their hometowns, Thereby promoting the multicultural development of Canadian society and the prosperity and stability of Chinese society; helping new immigrants live and work in peace and contentment, contribute to the local community, and integrate into Canadian mainstream society.

The Shanxi Association of Canada sincerely welcomes all Shanxi citizens and their families to join.

The services of the Shanxi Association of Canada include: safeguarding the collective interests and reputation of Shanxi folks and associations; organizing members to form a collective force to help the villagers in difficulties and to fight for social welfare for the folks; helping implement the overseas Chinese policy; providing immigration, employment, and Taxation and other information and services, members can enjoy preferential treatment; help new immigrants to get to know Canadian society as soon as possible and live and work in peace; provide economic and business information to help businesses expand their business in China, etc.

The Shanxi Association of Canada is a social group composed of Chinese of Shanxi descent living in Canada. It is a bond that unites the vast number of Chinese of Shanxi descent in Canada. It is to liaise with Shanxi folks living in Canada, gather together nostalgia, help and encourage each other; broadly unite Chinese from all walks of life, strengthen exchanges between the Shanxi Chinese community in Canada and overseas Chinese communities and hometown; under the multicultural spirit of Canada, promote Chinese culture and enhance other Canadians Ethnic people’s understanding of Shanxi’s rural history and culture; promoting economic and cultural exchanges between China and Canada, and playing a bridge role in the development of Sino-Canada friendly cooperative relations in the new century.


Organizations of the Association:
Chairman: Han Jialiang
Vice Presidents: Ding Jin, Ma Xi’ai, Zhang Yi
Directors: Liu Xuwei, Wang Linping, Li Lan, Zhang Lei, Sun Jianguo, Tian Ming, Zhang Lin, Wang Gaojun, Chang Ruifeng, Yang Zhongguo, Ma Jing

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