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Passing by the mountains, you can’t stop the homesickness, and the years flow, and you can’t find nostalgia for your hometown;

Let us send a sentence of local accents, wisps of nostalgia; accompany you through the ups and downs of a foreign land…

The Qilu Association of Canada was established in 2005. It is a community organization active in Canada’s multicultural environment. In this year, it has initiated the activity of “Show Love and Donate to Zhong Daochang’s Family” and organized the “Support the Great Wall Platform to Land in Canada” activity to prepare Joined the Qilu Children’s Art Troupe to promote cultural and trade exchanges between China and Canada. Relying on the support of governments at all levels of China and the Overseas Chinese Affairs Offices and the Canadian Chinese community, it served as a bridge and platform and assisted the Chinese local government in organizing the “China Shandong Fourth High-end Talent Exchange and Economic and Trade Project Fair” and “2006 Activities such as overseas Chinese businessmen, PhD entrepreneurship and investment in Shandong. Friends are welcome to contact us and communicate. We hope that in the new year, we can do more and better for everyone.

It is to build the Qilu Hometown Association into a vibrant community organization active in the diverse cultural environment of Canada. The directors of the Qilu Association also stated that they must build the Association into a platform for resource exchange, establish unobstructed information channels and feedback systems, facilitate communication and exchanges between fellow villagers in Shandong, and provide business and trade for members who are in business. The communication platform provides direct job help for members who are looking for or changing jobs. So as to provide better services to fellow villagers.

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